So, Daydream, the virtual reality of Google


Just a few months ago, more specifically in February, Google showed us in I/O 2016, a new platform for virtual reality, aimed at devices with the Green robot operating system, whose name would be a Daydream, and promised to be a step forward in this increasingly present in our technology every day.

Until now, the truth is that not we had enjoyed some close to this new platform experience, moreover, taking into account the high requirements which need to be able to be used. Why Google wanted to show us in today, a video in which we can observe in detail the benefits of Daydream.

In this video, we can see some of the functions to which is could take advantage of the full potential of Daydream, games and animations, and the truth is that, initially, operation appears to be fluid and intuitive, as well as simple, as a command is used to use it as we have seen in other style platforms as sunglasses HTC lives.

On the other hand, and even taking into account that Daydream is still in testing phase – in fact this video is nothing more than a mere experiment- and therefore, we do not find even their true potential, we see that the performance is really good, as well as the physical bodies and the management capacity of the different options that appear on the screen.

In addition, this video, Google wanted to show us another in which we can see how it handles a puppet, where you can see even better how having Daydream work with objects that need multiple points of support, as well as the movement of several different objects around the screen of the device.

Without a doubt, we are sure that this platform will greatly improve with the passage of time, especially taking into account that it is Google who is behind the development, although that Yes, even touches us wait long enough until we can enjoy Daydream in our devices.

What do you think about Daydream?, do you think you have a future?

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