Teenage Bedroom Furniture with Cozy Design

Each child must be growing up. When they are in teenage age, they will start to ask for a private bedroom which can suit their taste and favorite. Choosing the suitable teenage bedroom furniture will be easier if you can ask your children about their favorite. It will be different for the boy or the girl. A specific furniture need to be placed in the teenage bedroom. There are many interesting bedroom designs which you can use as an inspiration for your teenage children’s bedroom.

Teenage bedroom furniture

To the boys, a bedroom with simple yet cozy design will be interesting. If you have a long space for the bedroom, you can arrange the furniture in a line. This teenage bedroom furniture idea is very interesting. White cabinet will be suitable for the room. Hardwood floor makes this bedroom cooler. White wall and white ceiling are used in the room. White bed with red and blue lather is placed here. White cushion makes the bed attractive.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture

A black wall is made behind the bed. On the corner, a flat screen TV can be placed on the wall. White cabinet is located under it. White bookshelf with a black sofa is completing the corner. This tidy bedroom space is very suitable for the teenage boys. As for the girls, you can make the bedroom in more beautiful design. If your daughter likes the custom style, you can use the traditional design for her bedroom.

Hardwood floor is used in this bedroom. Blue wall is combined with white ceiling. Classic bed with white leather and blue quilt is increasing the custom look of this space. Next to the bed, there is a classic lamp. Under the white framed window. A long blue bay seats window is located. Brown cushions are placed on it. White rug is located under the bed. It is custom teenage bedroom furniture for small room which looks amazing.

Reference: http://www.seasonsofhome.com/decorating-teenage-girls-room.html

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