The extensions come to Google Docs and Sheets: create even better documents from your mobile


When we think of Google applications YouTube, Play Music, Translator, Calendar comes to mind… But few who know that Google has a whole pack of Office Automation: Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Today, but we’ll talk about the first two, Google Sheets (Excel from Google) and Docs (the Word of Google), who receive new extensions, an add-on that will expand its capabilities.

It amplifies the possibilities of Google Docs and Google Sheets with accessories

Indeed, Google Docs and Google Sheets already support extensions, an application created and designed by third parties that add functionality specific to these two applications of Office Automation, how to add a signature set, create a concrete graph…

These snap-ins installed in our mobile “they communicate” automatically with Google Docs and Google Sheets, i.e., we can access to its features directly from these two applications without the need to configure anything.

Some of these extensions that since Android we recommend are:

  • Classroom: it combines your educational activity with the documents that you develop, such as schedules, notes, events…
  • AppSheet: create an application from a Google Sheets or Google Docs document without having to chop code.
  • Scanbot: convert content digital documents into editable text, hence the name of scanner.
  • DocuSign: Add a personal and specific signature to any document.

So, if you are a user of these applications in your day to day and had intended to broaden your horizons don’t wait to download these add-ons! From Android, to invite you to create your own add-in, since all the documentation and code is free license.

You can consult all the information available at the entrance of its own Android Developers blog, where you will find a short description of the best extensions to date.

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