What New Update Clash Royale 4 July

Clash Royale New Update

If a couple of days ago we told you about balance changes, today Clash Royale comes to us with one of the most important updates from the history of the game. On this occasion the novelties are varied: new arena, new letters and tournaments.

What’s new with Clash Royale

New arena: ice peak. In 2300 cups unlocks the new arena and brings 3 new cards. In this new arena, we ask 30 common cards or 3 special and donate 6 common or special 1. In terms of gold for victory will be 16 gold so it is practically the same that sand Real.

New charts: new update comes with 4 new cards, two legendary, one epic and one common.

Trunk: This new letter is legendary and is a spell. You can get in sand 6 and is very easy to use: wheel in a straight line (you can jump the river and you can not get distracted with other troops) and hits all the cards that are in your way.
Ice spirit: the spirit of ice is common and is available in frosted peak. Its function is very similar to the spirits of fire: they move up to the enemy and if you use this clash royale hack tool they was manage to beat him paralyzed it for a few seconds (depending on your level).
Throwing rocks: this new troop extruded of Clash of Clans is epic and again it can get in peak ice cream. The Throwing rocks a large stone that goes rolling and destroying everything in its path. It’s great to finish with the odious choceros because of a coup removes all elves and small units although it does not attack the air.
Lumberjack: Finally the lumberjack is a legendary letter which you can get in sand 8. This new troop to die release a bottle that anger for what if we release a balloon or triple screen just when he is about to die can end easily with the tower.

New tournament mode

As always the best for the end. No doubt tournaments are the star of this Clash Royale update. Now you can organize tournaments with our friends or participate in those who believe the players for free. In order to create a tournament, we will have to use gems but I already advance that it is not cheap to nothing. If we win the tournament (or are in the upper half) will give us a chest that for example in the case of winning the biggest tournament will receive 15,000 letters (that it has taken in this case 14 days in unlocked and meanwhile we will not participate in any other).

Minor changes

New achievements: as joining a tournament or earn 1000 cards in tournaments.

TV Royale: now in legendary sand will show the best of the world more often.

Friendly battles: can choose in that arena we want to play.

Collection of letters: we can sort our cards by elixir cost, quality or sand in which are achieved.

Profile of the player: is will show the latest shuffle with which is has played.

Elimination of the eleventh drop of elixir.

Certainly this Clash Royale update will make the game much more complete. We hope that this post has proved you useful and any questions that you may have both the update as game in general you leave it in comments, it will resolve you as soon as possible. See you in the arena.

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