A new malware us robs them data bank and prevents that contact with the Bank


It is not strange to hear some people say that Android is only virus and malware. Nothing further from the truth. Android is a platform safe, provided you know what is is doing. That doesn’t mean that, from time to time, some developer wants to abuse us and exploit the vulnerabilities of our devices to spy on us, stealing our data people or, in the case which today affects us, our bank details.

As we read in Symantec, malware today protagonist of the article is made is called Android.Fakebank.B. The programmed objective is clear: steal data bank and, secondly, to steal the money we have saved. If you’re old school, you will remember that this malware was already among us for years, but has evolved, and returns to the fray. Although we must not lower our guard, it can reassure the fact of that single was seen in South Korea and Russia.

How does Android.Fakebank.B work?


The operation is simple. The virus infects our smartphone and access our bank details. In general, it often us small bites – 20, 10 and 5 euro – that are being made on a regular basis. He user not is da has until sees them extracts Bank, and is there when the application us gives the “grand final”.

If the infected user charges, the first thing you will do will be to call the Bank to block the account or the card. Then Android.Fakebank.B detects that we are calling a customer service number, and blocks the call, which “prevents us from” contact with the Bank. I’m sure of that you themselves have found the solution to this “problem” while it lost.

If we cannot call the Bank with our mobile infected, what can we do? In fact, calling from another phone or send an email. That way we will be able to block accounts and cards, but the virus will have more time to continue robbing us. It is best to act quickly.

From the source they give us some recommendations, such as not install applications from unknown sources, have everything updated… what we all already know. The only thing we have to do is be careful, install stuff with head and not do anything that may seem rare. In order accounts, the best antivirus is the sense common. We insist that the malware has been identified in Russia and South Korea, but you know that these things run like wildfire.

You know this malware? Have you had any experience with a virus?

Castle Clash, an entertaining and absolute strategy game that you can not miss

Castle Clash

There is no absence better than personal entertainment with a personal hobby. Specifically with the games are a fantastic method of quickly happens those long journeys to work, where with your end you agree to an extensive catalog of titles that will keep you stuck hours.

One of the best titles and most played on Android – OS is Clash of Clans, a complete set of strategy as it asks your Assembly to conquer and make grow your village. Logically in this competition, sprung so archetypal Plunder Pirates or Star Wars: Commander.

Pure strategy for your final Android

Today we add to our catalog of great strategy games a most recent title, this so called Castle Clash, which has a pool too much power of 70 million users around the world, hosted in more than 10 countries, never will be only!

Built and open path to glory in Castle Clash, a brilliant combination of fast-strategy and frenzied fighting that will require all its expertise and understanding of this to capture the victory. You fight with an army of mythical creatures, as small big success, of entirely the person’s appearance and colors.

With this, must manufacture your own fortress and defend the invasion of other players, who try to make their way in their conquest of the planet completely destroying what is through towers, soldiers and creatures to your around, what you will have to counter their attacks and invasions with entirely your potential, to thereby open step towards glory.

Castle Clash is available for Android-free appearance OS, despite the fact that it is so usual contains shopping built into the application that will help in your progress.

It is of course available in different languages, these French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and too much more to your complete choice!

No more delay, will find it for download castle clash hack tool at the link below, good luck in your conquest!

Nokia once again in the hands of Android, will be as big as in the past?


Just one month we did we echo in Andro4all of the news that Nokia could return to the Android scene very early and just a few days ago, already knew some specifications of the terminals that would be submitted: 820 Snapdragon, 2 k, 7.0 Android screens, etc. A priori sounds very well, but us arises a doubt: would be enough with that? Nokia will revert to reign in the world of mobile telephony as once did it?

Nokia is a brand with a wide path that we all know, but the market has changed and it is completely different to as it was under the mandate of the Finnish company. Brands such as Samsung and Huawei seem fully seated and Xiaomi, Oppo and live are going very strong. In fact, some of these are the companies with the largest number of sales.

Nokia will return to big

To day of today, the world of the telephony mobile is seems much to the of the smartwatches. All are almost equal in terms of hardware and are minor differences physical or design which can decant the purchase. If Nokia does a good job and innovates a little, obviously, you can be at the level of the competition, but could go one step further away if they take advantage of the sentimental component. He want to remember our first phone and see how has changed all can have enough pull.

One of the characteristic features of the old Nokia is the resistance of the devices. I am sure all of you noticed some “meme” about how tough that was. It is true that in these vignettes is it exaggerated and that today the screens are big and delicate, but if they manage to maintain a durable and rigid bodies can be a differential element, more taking into account that phones like the S7 Active Galaxy are sold as resistant to everything and give many problems. Perhaps Nokia could exploit that niche market.

Second parts were never good

It looks complicated thinking that he can unseat brands such as Samsung or Apple, as well as Asian brands already commented. The competition is very tight and prices are becoming tighter. Day after day we see terminals with an amazing value for money, with warranty and in physical stores, so that Nokia should tighten its belt very well or do something extremely good from the beginning.

We have said before that a traditional brand facilitates the acceptance of consumers, but that doesn’t guarantee you success. Companies like HTC, Sony and LG are not going through good times at the level of sales or revenue, despite being the biggest in recent years. Everything has a purpose, everything is finished, and perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the traditional brands. Perhaps is too late for Nokia back to the market. Only time will give us the answer.


To know what will happen with the Finnish label we will have to wait at least one couple of years, but it is interesting to analyze the scene and the situation to which will soon face. Honestly, I think that Nokia still has muscle and name to try to make a gap in the market, even though it is highly unlikely to reach dimensions in their day.

Do you think that it can offer us Nokia? Are voices of which has no hollow or that on the contrary you can return to being one of the leaders of the sector? We want to know your opinion.

Advanced Door Kickers games tips


Makes some days you brought them best strategies to finish with all them terrorist and crook in Door Kickers, but for levels advanced, and operations more complex, unfortunately, those tips are are short. That is why, now, we bring you a handful of tips apply to most situations, which will help you pass more difficult play areas, including the levels created by players on PC (what a bad milk have).

The title controls, are simple but powerful, and, from a couple of clicks, allow us to create very complex plans. With this, we want to remark, that, there is only one way to overcome the problems of the game, and you don’t have to follow a strictly the advice that we give you below. Do not hesitate to apply them and mix them with your style, but remember that it is not the only way to play.

We leave them to the following list:

  • Beware of the funnel of death: the funnel of death is the name that special operations teams used to denote the space of input to a room with a door. It is a small space, and, if we do not act well we can lose the entire team at a time. Used blinding or contradictions whenever you can, but always, it comes from the sides with several men facing the opposite side to which you have entered to cover the entire stay.
  • Keep under surveillance the rearguard: on larger maps and missions with many enemies, try to always carry a man covering the back of the group. In the levels more advanced, the tangos is move more and us can surprise with ease.
  • Keep clear throw line: our units will never trigger if there is a friend in the shooting line, so at the time of planning, please note this, and avoids putting soldiers behind each other, this way you cover more ground and overboard before with enemies.
  • Takes care of your team: in the mode campaign, if killed or hurt to a man of our unit, is will be so if not restart. Many times you complete a mission, but you’ve lost several members of your team, think twice before continuing, it is best to plan again and get a perfect operation.

Hope that this guide I have been of help. However, if you want to learn more tips about this game you can visit http://www.divitapp.com. Remember that you can share your tricks with us via comments.