Know more in the Barbarian and Archer in Clash of Clans

As the two units the most inexpensive in Clash of Clans, Barbarian and Archer are often not taken seriously by many players. Though both of these units has a huge potential. For example the price is cheap, training was fast. DPS high and course access were obtained from the beginning.

Moreover, with the latest update which introduces Barbarian and Archer level 7. With the addition of this level, the second highest level of the force as a disaster for the opponent. And your Tips win easily Clash of Clans with the latest tactics. These tips can make you can Millions Gold and Elixir per Hour!

clash of clans

Excellence & Weaknesses

The advantages of the two units is as follows

The construction costs are cheap.
Hit points sizeable
Rapid training time.
Its high level does not require large resources to be upgraded (compared to other units)
However, the unit also has a weakness that

Hit points per unit is relatively low
Hard drive unit
Damage normal attacks
Easily washed using a defense that has a splash damage
Karatkeristik and General Strategy

Clash of Clans strategy

Before proceeding, we need to understand the general strategy for both units


Usually barbarian pairs by Giant and Arhcer in attack coc hack
Barbarian better deployed that are not easily attacked by Mortar and Wizard Tower
Barbarian in large quantities will be very effective because it has a very high DPS
Barbarian could bounce 2 box if hit by Mortar
Barbarian no preference attacked the building, any building that is close to be attacked
Barbarian easily destroy unprotected buildings, eg builder hut in the corner map
With an equivalent amount giant multiples, barbarian has 75% of the total health giant but has four times the amount of damage.
Barbarian and Archer can get bonus from spell damage hero.
Barbarian is a cheap but effective choice for the Clans castle.


Archer is very vulnerable, but have a far-reaching and could strike over the wall. Because of its slightly hp, archer tower is very vulnerable, especially Mortar and Wizard Tower
Archer is better derived spread that is not easily dibnuh at once
Archer is very well combined with Barbarian and Giant
Archer can take advantage of dead spots that can attack buildings without being able to reach the opponent’s defense.

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