Riau Ega Win, Archer Number One World Shock

Archer’s world number one South Korean, Kim Woo-jin, was eliminated from the second round of archery branch individually numbered men in the Rio 2016 Olympics, Monday, August 8, 2016, local time. Archers Indonesia, Riau Ega Agatha, an actor of a shock to Kim in the event.

Archery World Cup Stage 1 Shanghai, China

Kim was the gold medalist in archery branch numbers in the team last Saturday. He also scored a new world record with 72 arrows in the ranking on the previous day. Kim surrendered 2-6 of Riau in a match at a windy afternoon at the Sambodromo Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“I’m still in shock,” said Kim, 24 years old archer, who was also nicknamed ‘The Bear’ in his home country, told reporters. “I’m not going to blame anything or anyone, I just regret not doing your best today.

“Four years I prepare myself well. It’s wonderful to win a gold medal for the team, but for a number of individuals I am very sorry for myself, because I have felt very prepared, but everything is lost now.”

With Kim deprived of competition, now leaving only Brady Ellison – archers from the United States team who lost his gold medal after the team defeated Korea – as the highest seed in the tournament.

Riau Ega, 24 years old, from Surabaya, had lost the opening set but make Kim was startled in the next three sets. Ega Agatha sealing the triumph thanks to two brilliant shot that landed smoothly in the middle of the gold targets to score two perfect scores: ten.

When the scoreboard favor of the Riau Ega, Kim only able to bow their heads while teammate looking anxiously. On the other hand, Riau Ega grinned and held up a finger to his coach. Riau Ega at once to qualify for the third round or a round of 16 to face archers Italy, Mauro Nespoli.

Riau Ega, who is now ranked 29 in the world, never beat Kim in several previous attempts, but he had several times managed to beat Korea’s top archer at the World Cup. “It’s a very big surprise to me, but I have to stay focused to face (competitors) else,” he said.

“I really hope to win (the match) today, but not too much because Woo-jin is the number one archer in the world. But I’ve done today.”

The head of the Indonesian contingent, King Oktohari, is one of the most fun in the stands. He said the victory will create shock waves in the Southeast Asian country.

“All the people of Indonesia will be surprised,” he said. “It will be euphoria for us but, of course, we still have another game to prepare for. And (he) should be the focus, euphoria enough just half an hour.”

Indonesia archery team coach Denny Trisjanto said, the mental factor will determine the pace of Riau Ega next. “Opponents Ega selanjut still heavy. We will focus on the mental readiness,” said Denny in Rio de Janeiro, Monday, or Tuesday morning GMT.

In addressing these mental factors, according to Denny, not only on oneself Riau Ega itself but also the support of colleagues and the entire nation of Indonesia. Riau Ega victory over Kim, according to Denny, also more on the mental factor.

“Seen in the middle of the match South Korean archer was getting nervous, let alone coach continues to scold him. While Ega remained calm although there was ketingalan first,” said Denny.

Though it can subvert the first seed, Riau Ega challenge in the quarterfinals to the next round is still severe. Riau Ega will be back to compete on August 12, which is the final day of the 2016 Games archery branch

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