6 Nutritional Content of Beef

Beef has a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial in maintaining your health. If you do not know what are the nutrients contained in beef following our review.

Nutritional Content of Beef


Nutritional Content of Beef and Benefits

1. Iron
Iron is one of the important need for our body. We can get iron from beef because beef contains iron which is very high. Lack of iron will cause anemia so that the body becomes lethargic.

Iron in beef beneficial to increase metabolism in the body, affecting the child’s enthusiasm for learning and also as a bulwark for our body because iron can boost immunity.

2. Protein
Beef also contains nutrients that are not less important than iron, which proetin. Protein is very important because it can help brain development in children. In addition, protein can also help your body to form new tissue in your muscles.

3. Selenium
Nutrient on beef is selenium. Selenium is needed to form oxidant and increase the immunity of children.

4. Zinc or Zinc
Zinc is also found in beef. This substance has a function to improve the metabolism and immune function. Zinc deficiency can cause a disruption in the development of male reproductive function and disrupt sperm formation and immune function.

5. Vitamin B Complex
Concentration and memory could be a problem for us. Vitamin B complex in beef helps the nervous system of the brain so as to help maintain concentration and improve memory.

6. Omega 3 nutrient content of beef last is omega 3. Omega 3 helps the heart function, central nervous system and liver. In 150 grams of beef contains about 30 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids.

That’s 6 nutrient content in beef that can help you to keep your body healthy. If you need to contact us beef as soon as the supplier of beef that can be your partner in maintaining a healthy body.

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