3 Secret Tips Pokemon Go Unanswered on the Go

Pokémon Go today is seen as a ‘fever’ usual. Although not realized in full, many people whose lives have changed as a result of this game, like so fond of walking to places nearby that even they have never visited before to get acquainted with a fellow fan of Pokémon.

In order for your game more exciting and fun, the editors have set up a number of tips and tricks Pokémon Go obtained from various sources. This is it:

1. Increasingly ‘old’, Poke Ball increasingly scarce

If you are currently often rely on Poke Stop to get ammo mandatory Pokémon trainer, the Poke Ball, so from now approximately subtract the habit. Therefore, the higher the level you later, allocation of Poke Stop Poke Ball will be reduced, because the ration items began to be divided. The reason is, there are some brand-new items that are available along with the increase level.

“So I’m just ngeh when the higher level players, unlocked items that will be. This means, the ration items will be more and more divided, “so I also admin Pokecoins freebies  “The proof is in level 1 when we looting items on Poke Stop, for sure we’ll have more Poke Ball, because the item is unlocked is still small.”

However, you need not worry excessively. When you level up, you will receive a reward. Even at level 12, you are allowed to pocket the 20 Great Ball free.

2. ‘Creating’ Poke new Stop near home? Can!

Did you find the location you live too far with Poke Stop? Perhaps with this limitation, you often feel like life alienated from the urban bustle.

But do not be sad yet, since you request the Poke Stop and a new gym in Niantic, developer Pokémon Go. First, open the first this link and fill out the online its plus is equipped with a photo.

The main requirement, the location of your registered residence is not unusual, but the location of the business or other public places. Therefore, will certainly be very annoying when your house disantroni tens to hundreds of people all day who do not seek or even care about you as the host.

Niantic though not necessarily receive all requests from you, at least you’ve given feedback about how ‘tandusnya’ where you play at this time. Who knows Niantic moved to add a lot of Poke Stop around you.

Oh yes, it also applies to those who want to remove your location is used Poke Stop or Go Pokémon gym on the map.

3. Have Pikachu from the outset

If you are so in love with Pikachu, there is an easy way to have a cute yellow Pokémon it from the beginning.

Yup, there’s an easy trick in Pokémon Go so you can have a Pikachu without having to find and catch it in the wild. So, when you first play the Pokémon Go, you are welcome to choose one of three Pokémon that will be the first friend of your trip (starter Pokémon). They are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

If you are passing through the stage of granting free Pokémon, you are likely to have a Pikachu instead. How, you need to leave the location where you are at the beginning. Walk away until the three Pokémon of three distinct elements that are not visible. Later, they will reappear around you. However, still leave them as much as four times.

Well, at the fourth time of three Pokémon that appear, you will find Pikachu around Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Tap the icon Poke Ball Pikachu and throw you to catch it. Pikachu is so successful you get, the three Pokémon who had been ‘haunt’ you will disappear by itself.

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