Know Your Castle Games clash and essential components you should know

Hello clasher. This time I will introduce a game castle clash, how do I start playing a game castle this clash.
Castle Clash is a war strategy game based MMORPG. Where we played with a lot of players in a single server with a graphical display ajiiib, castle clash game can only be played on mobile phones based on android and ios.
Castle clash is almost similar to the game COC, may mate clasher familiar with the game COC or clash of clan. Yaa is almost similar to the one just different characters. If at COC character are troops or troops, nahh reply in this clash castle game character is a hero or heroine.

How do I start a game castle this clash?
Before we start the game castle clash hack, we have to download it on google play store via phone android or ios. Search on google play store with the word castle clash.
There are some important things that should be in the know in this game is the hero clash castle, building, HB, MIGHT, gems, shard, squads and hire. Everything that is important so that we can maintain accounts castle clash that we play strongly.

I will explain some important things to note in this clash castle game are:

1. Upgrade buildings
First how to start this clash castle game is to build a town hall should be kept in the upgrade, well, if at the town hall has new upgrades we can build other buildings. There are some important buildings to be upgraded in the game’s castle clash. The first is the town hall, garisoon, where the dome, golden dome, which mines, gold mines and the fence – the fence.

2. Upgrade Hero
After the building – the building has been upgraded and hero in the castle clash is no less important to continuously upgrade the level, skill, and tallentnya. By attacking other players hero level will continue to rise. In addition to the attack we can increase the level of hero with a book, play or wave currents, and play dungeon

3. Hire a Hero
Now the question of where we get the hero in the game castle this clash? The trick is to hire or employ a hero who is in the altar with gems (a type of goods that are valuable in this clash castle game). We could hire a hero by going to the altar hero, then hire or employ hero with gems 150 or 450. There are some great hero in the game castle this clash is that purple hero legend, if clasher can get hero legend, it was an own happiness in this clash castle game.

Well maybe it was some recognition of the importance of this clash castle game. Over time pal definitely clasher experts play a game castle this clash. Do not give up and had to wait to play it and take a long time. So what are you waiting Ayoo immediately castle clash hack play this game

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