7 Places in West Lombok is Required for You Visited

West Lombok district is the second largest in the island of Lombok after East Lombok.Various tourist destinations here, from the highlands to the lowlands in the form of beach. One of them is the Senggigi Beach, of course, the beach is not foreign to the tourists. Senggigi Beach seemed to have become an icon of tourism in West Lombok. In addition, West Lombok also has many interesting sights that are very dear to you miss.Well, for more details, the following seven sites in West Lombok who shall ye singgahi:


  1. Senggigi beach

Of course, this beach is very popular amed bali for both local and foreign stake. Various supporting facilities and infrastructure already available traveled complete. Senggigi Beach is almost never quiet. Even when the night was activity on this beach will be more crowded.

  1. Protected Forest Sesaot

Protected Forest is located in the village Sesaot West Lombok. Although the forest, tourist sites offering coolness and tranquility typical of the mountains. In addition there are also many “lesehan” that make this location very to be a family picnic.

  1. Bukit Malimbu

Mount Malimbu an upland line with those of Senggigi Beach. On this hill you can enjoy the natural scenery, including beautiful sunsets very indulgent eye. Therefore, this white sandy dunes Sagat suitable attended when the late afternoon.

  1. Batu Bolong Beach

Known Batu Bolong Beach This is because on the beach there is a huge rock with a hole too big in the middle. Actually, this is a broad stone-temple-Hindus worship places near Senggigi beach, but because of its natural beauty, especially at sunset, making it an attractive tourist destination to visit.

  1. Taman Narmada

If you visit the island of Lombok, West Lombok tourist attractions in this interesting for you to visit. Narmada Tourism Park was once a royal temple hindu contained in it, but it’s been opened to the public and there are a variety of rides. The most interesting thing is, in this park there is a spring that myth is believed to make one’s youth.

  1. Gili Kedis, Nanggu and Gili Gili Sudak

This third in a row in one place together. Located in the District of West Lombok Sekotong you can visit this dyke third at one time. Due to a beautiful place, beautiful and still very quiet when compared to other tourist destinations in West Lombok, you who want tranquility when traveling is highly recommended to visit three of this dyke.

  1. City Ampenan

City with ancient architecture is the main attraction for tourists who visit. Many former historic buildings from the days of Dutch heritage standing here. Because first, Ampenan City is the administrative center on the island of Lombok.

Well, that’s 7 Points of Interest in West Lombok of us to be a reference you traveled.Remember, if you visit Lombok, do not miss the seventh of this tourist spot.

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