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Sade village is a hamlet in the village Rembitan, Pujut, Central Lombok. This village is known as a tribal hamlet maintain Sasak. Sade Sasak tribe is well known in the ears of tourists who come to Lombok. Yes, the local Tourism Office is making Sade as a tourist village. This is due to the uniqueness of the village of Sade and Sasak are so inhabitants.


As a tourist village, Sade has its own uniqueness. Although located directly beside the highway nan smooth asphalt, the villagers Sade in Rembitan, Central Lombok still cling to maintain the authenticity of the village.

In a way, Sade is a reflection of the indigenous Sasak Lombok. Well, even if electricity and programs of the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) of the government is already in there, Sade village still present original village atmosphere native Lombok.

It can be seen from the building that houses seem very traditional. The roof of the fibers, horses memakai bamboo roof without spikes, walls of woven bamboo, and immediately paved the ground.

People Sade Sasak building named it ‘bale’. Our local guide named Mr. Meshach said that there are eight bale Bale Tani, Jajar sekenam, bonter, Beleq, Berugag, headers and Bencingah. Bench was distinguished by its function. There are 150 families (KK) in Sade. In the past, many residents who embrace Islam Wektu telu (only three times prayers a day).

But now, many residents had left Wektu telu Sade and embraced Islam completely, â € ?? Mr. Meshach said.

Interestingly, the villagers had a peculiar habit is to wash the floor using buffalo dung. Antiquity when no stucco, the Sade Sasak slathered buffalo dung in the base of the house. â € some of our own making cement plaster first and then we spread buffalo dung, â € ?? said my mother souvenir sellers who ask.

That said, by way of so-storey house is believed to be warmer and shunned mosquitoes. Just imagine, shit was not mixed with anything except a little water. But when I entered the house, there was no smell wafted former. Ah, for me, the Sasak Sade is a genius!

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