Traditional Village is Not Allow You Miss Currently Being in Lombok

Lombok is not just about beaches and other stunning natural attractions. Indigenous villages there with a variety of local wisdom will give you a different experience.

Let down Lombok past. Here it is traditional villages that you can visit to experience the real Lombok.


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1. Desa municipality Dusun

At first I think it will be invited to the village of Bayan Beleq, whose story I have ever read in ebook trip someone, but I was wrong. I was invited to Beleq hamlet, a village located in the area Gumantar, District Khayangan, North Lombok. The village is a bit far from the junction District of Khayangan, approximately 30-40 minutes of time that we need to be able to get there by riding a motorcycle. We will enter a quiet residential area with occasional passing through the forest.

Once there, you will be amazed by the architecture. The village is very neat, some traditional houses stand upright inside the fenced area.

This hamlet inhabited by 76 heads of families who all are parrots. Bayan people here is not much different from the Bayan Beleq. Major events on the calendar that they do the same, as the Prophet’s Birthday conducted in January next year, when the full moon.

Traditional houses that stand to be in the scope of the fence with an area of approximately 2 hectares, within the fenced area, there should be no electricity, and modern buildings. They also have a custom order where there was Penghulu, Mangku (the incumbent government), Pamekel (a type of prosecutor), Raden, and Down (a type of police). This traditional structure function goes well until today.

Then there are other manrik hel here are referred to as Watu telu or Metu telu. Watu telu refer to things that fill this world. Everything in the world is there for their birth, spawning and growing. That is their local knowledge.

The community here is quite flexible with the changing times. According to them, the ancestors had predicted it all along, but they were not allowed to precede the change. In essence, they must adjust to the times, when all of its citizens have been able to adjust, should not be just one per person only. For example, if only one man who dressed, while others have not been able to dress, usually the one who dressed the sick.

They also allow their formal education, had only four people who go to school because of the distance 13km round trip to walk. Well, in the end four people these have happened to finally bring the source of water for kilometers until he could just 200m outside the fence of a residential area. Here I saw a portrait of traditional society learn to harmonize customs rules with changing times.

2. Desa Bayan Consent

I’m still curious about the Beleq Bayan village with a mosque built in the 16th century. Bayan Beleq, famous with the teachings of Islam Watu telu. The teaching that holds that three things, namely religion, custom, and government, as well as Watu telu depicting man’s existence on earth like that described in the hamlet Beleq Society. People here tend to harmonize the three.

Masjid Bayan Beleq Gaus was built by Sheikh Abdul Razak who is a propagator of Islam in Lombok. The mosque is a square with a height of 125cm is made up of foundation stone sides. The roof is not made of thatch or reeds, but from bamboo.

Right near the entrance, there is a water jar made of clay which is tucked among the frangipani tree branch. According to Ono, one of young parrots who happened to be in the area of the mosque, the barrel will be filled with water used for ablution. The day after the rain, until there is a bit of water trapped in the barrel.

I’m a little peek of a crack in the door of the mosque. The mosque was not too large, paved ground, and inside there is a drum with a large enough size.

Although the size of the mosque are not too big, but enough to hold a hundred people. Eid or Maulid whenever they pray in this mosque.

In the vicinity of the mosque there are six small building which is the tomb of the ancestors of Bayan. Looking around the mosque, I asked the Prophet, one of the biggest events for the public Bayan.

” If it fits custom events, we are obliged to wear gloves, disposable sapoq (iket head), no cutting cattle, buffalo, and goats, large parties, crowded really here, and there Presean (traditional art Lombok) kayak wars use swords and shield of bamboo. Aja come here again next month , “Ono offers.

He also offered me to come to his house and saw the weaving process. But unfortunately, spatter not going well, even more profusely, until I just saw a woman weaving near the mosque. I just peeked Bayan village is not far different from Hamlet Village Beleq. One somewhat different, a lot of people who weave cloth Bayan typical here, with different motives of Weaving Sasak.

The village is located not far from the Waterfall Tiu Kelep, located on a side street, access is even easier. Come January when the Prophet’s Birthday, in order to feel the excitement of the event such as what Ono telling me about.

3. Village Segenter

Although located in the Bayan district, North Lombok, but people are not Segenter Bayan. They are part of the Sasak people, as well as those living in the village of Sade and Ende.

When entering Segenter my expectations of a traditional village slightly shifted. Indeed there are many traditional houses stood upright and berugak in every pelatarannya. Their house is built lengthwise dealing with berugak-berugak that lined the middle. However, among the traditional order, terseliplah modern life with concrete houses stood firm.

Until December last year when I get there, they tell you are preparing an event for the Prophet’s Birthday which falls in mid January 2015 according to their calendar. It turned out that the Prophet’s Birthday is a great show of community Bayan and Sasak.

Residents in this village the majority of farmers, so that when I visited there around noon, the village is deserted, only a few toddlers, and older people who are active there.

Segenter village is right on the roadside, so it would not hurt to stop by for when returning from a hike via Senaru Rinjani.

4. Village Ende

The village is located in the village of Ende Sengkol District Pujut, Central Lombok. Though equally as rural tourism, but not as famous Ende Sade. Located not far from the airport and only 5 minutes before the village of Sade. Not many tourists who come here. But I think it’s much more comfortable than Sade crowded visitors. Wider area and no one to sell to make us free to explore this place.

According to one friend, who happens to local residents, in Ende, mostly farming communities in the fields, some are weaving and handicrafts, if it is not the agricultural season. Results weaving cooperative they gathered in the village, so there’s nothing to sell at their respective homes.

We then drive around to see the village. Not too many people living in this village, but the majority of the houses here are still traditional, there is still a granary as well. The roof is made of reeds, bamboo walls using the booth, and the floor is still using a mixture of cow dung and clay or kebau. Typical of the Sasak people.

I was invited to attend one-on-one home there. Inside the house there are stoves for cooking. The house is not occupied every day, only used for cooking, and occasionally used during the rainy season, because in the house feel warmer.

Friendly locals, and cool air makes this place a must-visit when in Lombok. If you want to Sade, please stop by to Ende.

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