Uniqueness Typical traditional house in the village of Sade Sasak Lombok

Lombok island has a rich traditional culture is very diverse. One of the cultural heritage contained in Lombok Island is Sade Village , Village Traditional Sasak (Lombok Island native tribes).

Or a settlement Sasak indigenous who still maintain and keep the authenticity of Sasak culture a long time, since the reign of the Kingdom Pejanggik in Praya, Central Lombok regency until now. The Sade Village is located in the District Pujut, which is located in the southern part of Central Lombok, Nusa East West.


Travel Sade Village Lombok

People living in the village of Lombok Sade is a native Lombok Sasak tribe, with the social system and their daily lives are still very strong and uphold indigenous Sasak traditions of the past. Even the architecture of a typical traditional house Sasak you can still encounter stood firm and well maintained in this place.

Sasak traditional building you can find in the village of Desa Lombok Sade , consists of two types called Bale Farm and Barn. Bale Tani is a building used as a residence, and the barn is a building used as a place to store grain harvest or to store all the needs.

Custom homes Sasak tribe called Bale Tani, made of wood with a wall – a wall made of woven bamboo and roofed with reed leaves – dry grassland. Tani floor of Bale is a mixture of soil, ash tree sap and straw which is then smeared with buffalo dung.

Bale Tani is divided into two parts, namely Bale Outside In and Bale, Bale In a room usually reserved for family members of women, who also serves as a kitchen. While Bale Outside the room reserved for other family members, and also serves as a guest room.

The uniqueness of Sade Village Lombok

Between Bale and Bale Outside In is separated by sliding doors and stairs. Inside Bale In this room, there are two furnaces that are attached to the floor is made of clay used for cooking. People in the village Desa Lombok Sade is usually cook using wood as fuel. In Bale has no windows and only one door as a fruit for egress only located on the front of Bale.

In addition to Bale Farm and Barn, there is another building that became typical buildings Sasak. The building is often referred to Berugak. Berugak is a rectangular building platform that does not have a wall, roof pillars made of bamboo reeds, and supported by four pillars (sekepat),

or six poles (sekenem). Berugak serves as a place to receive guests, and also used as a place to congregate, talk – talk and relax after work or as an internal family meeting place. Berugak usually located on the front left side or right side Bale Tani.

Weaving Tools Simple Sade Village Lombok
Occupants in the village of Sade Lombok is about 715 inhabitants. The livelihoods of residents in the village of Lombok Sade Central are farming and weaving work is a sideline women, after working in the fields.

They weave using only traditional loom very simple. Woven they are very diverse as, tablecloths, cloth gloves, songket, scarves, and others.

Similarly, a review of uniqueness Sasak typical traditional house in the village of Sade Lombok , hopefully can inspire your next vacation. Your holiday in Lombok will not be complete before the visit to the village of Sade, Typical Traditional House Lombok’s Sasak

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