Twitter Benefits For Companies

You must already be familiar with online social networking and micro-blogging Twitter that allows users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters.


Currently Twitter has become one of the top ten most visited sites on the Internet, and was dubbed the “short messages from the Internet.”

Until January 2013, there were more than 500 million registered users on Twitter, 200 million are active users. In early 2013, Twitter users send over 340 million tweets per day, and Twitter handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day.

This makes Twitter a position up to second as social networking sites are the most visited in the world.

Based on the data version Sycomos sites, Twitter users from Asian countries reached 7.74% of Twitter users in various parts of the world. The first rank of Twitter users in Asia was occupied by Indonesia at 2:34% with 5.6 million users, followed by Japan 1:47% (3.5 million), India 0.97% (2.3 million) and Malaysia is a country with a number of Twitter users the largest to sixth in the world only records the number users as much as 1.1 million users. Thus, the total of active Twitter users in Asia reached 18.6 million users.

According to analyst agency Semiocast reported TechCrunch, Jakarta accounted for about 2.4% tweet passing. This figure is based on research that examines a sample of 1,058 billion public tweets throughout the month of June 2012.

Indonesia itself is still entrenched in the top five in the rankings per country with an estimated 29.4 million Twitter users. Homeland is under the UK which has 32.2 million users.

This data makes some Marcomm companies see social media , especially Twitter is now not only internet sites only, but has become a public space. Twitter can be one of the digital marketing strategies that can be relied upon. There are millions of people who regularly access it every day.

Slowly but surely, Twitter has become a media company to interact with consumers.

Twitter benefits for companies include:

  1. Public Relations (media official publication) for conveying product information and update news developments
  2. Media marketing to advertise its products
  3. Get feedback and a means of communicating with consumers. Here the company can also do simple market research to find out how the response of customers about your business, products, selling price, feature or product shortages and others.
  4. Networking with other similar companies as well as with suppliers that the company needs
  5. Notifications and space announcements to disseminate information products that sell in the market (bestseller) and a schedule of events that will be held by the company.

Does your company already have an official Twitter account that is actively involved in Twitland? The sooner you decide to plunge into the digital world trend is the better before your competitors realize the benefits of twitter  to develop this company.

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