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Since GTA 5 PC version released last year, GTA 4 is already flooded over hundreds of mod that has been made by the modder, indeed, the author confused to find a mod that very change in terms of gameplay 180 ‘changed, many mod released by the modders to date this, ranging from mod shaders, graphic air-small scale until a thorough, cars, motorcycles, and much more. With this mod, at least make the city of Los Santos is the park “play” the most fun, whimsical, silly, and, of course? dangerous.

At the end of the article, the author will tell you, what is needed in order to mod on the author under the working alias work, need to be reminded to you, this article was created on 21 September 2016, later the author will update again article with mod-mod author assumes cried, so, check the continued development of modnya in this article (or bookmark). \

Attention before the start: Rockstar Games as the developer claimed clarification about modifying the game, stating that the player will not be banned as long as they modify the single-player mode. However, do not se-all! GTA Online play with the mod installed, want whatever it is installed as Graphic, cars, etc. do not really advisable to play GTA 5 with mod installed !. Mod authors have been tried all the suggestions here, there are some who can not be installed because of the low FPS reason, so, if you are strong to run the mod suggested, lucky you. If not? authors will someday seek a special mod for the low-end PC.

GTA V: Liberty City

This mod is a result of the Conversion (portingan) of GTA IV, need to be reminded !, do not see from the title of this mod, because what you see is not as you imagine, not a pedestrian, passing vehicles, police, let alone a robber. But there are things that you can get with this mod, feel loneliness as vague as mod around the building, and maybe you guys in mind the thought cool”. Download here determines what modsĀ gta 5 money generator
Note: The author is currently coming to this place, feel the lag pretty badly (even crashes) because the creator is not to optimize the number of objects that are ported, aka, the objects are arranged to form the statue of liberty is not perfect and it very much, you can be sure her PC with strong handles..

Some time ago, GTA 5 is already released mod dragon, but only just and rudimentary script, with these imperfections, the modder Julio NIB made mod called Dragons V. Making it the most greget modders. With this mod, you can do activities such as Naga, exhale air-!, fire fly, wild like a dragon from another world, to throw people into the air. Before you take action dragon, make sure you have the model of the dragon, you can download skyrim dragon version here or the great dragon here (writer happier great dragon version)

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