Tips on Buying a Bike for the Bike Leisure Sport

While cycling hobby started favored by many, can not deny that it is able to bring our desire to try to dive into the hobby and feel the benefits of cycling, for our health, of course. Especially for those who were once nothing like the hobby of cycling. For beginners who want to buy a bike, there are a variety of bikes offered in the market. Starting from the type, brand, and price also varies around $100- $300. Of course you can find a bike that is cheaper but the word “cheaper” you must have noticed, whether low-quality? There are hundreds of mountain bike with the price of $300, mountain bikes may be in excess of what you need unless you ready love this sport.



The first thing you should consider before shopping is a mountain bike what you need ?? Do you plan on biking to off-road terrain exclusively? Whether for communion to work or to school? Or a mixture of both? And it is important too, how often you will be driving it. If you are looking for a mountain bike for off-road use, but have not been driving in off-road, try to borrow a bicycle to become your friend and ask offroad terrain which suits beginners like you. Cycling in offroad terrain is very different from the cycling on the road. Next, multiply read mountain bike magazines, browsing the Internet or had joined the bicycle community forum. Reading is an excellent start.

*) How Much Money That You Want to Spend
Decide how much money you want to spend is a difficult decision. As a general rule, the more money you want to spend the better bike that you will get. The major difference between a mountain bike worth Rp.1000.000 with the Rp.3000.000 are components (eg, shifter, derailleur, brake). The more expensive the better durability (unless you start buying high-end components are usually very mild so will reduce durability). Most beginners buy a bike from the low end first, will upgrade the components required. There is also thought to buying a bike with the best components you can afford, the reason would be more cost-effective than upgrading its later days.

*) Reflects Good Dealer Bicycles That Good
When you visit the store, the important thing is to find a seller understand the bike and you feel comfortable talking to him. Ask him if there are words that are less understood. Try to love the questions to those that you already know the answer and wait for the answer. If the answer is not satisfactory, try to find someone else to help you. Also ask what he wears a bicycle. If people are asked not to wear a mountain bike, you should look for another one. Good seller will listen to whatever you need and help you find a bike that suits you. Visit to several bike shops. Each store has different options and models of its bicycles. Store quality is also important. In the store you buy should be responsible for all the assemblies. Assembled bad will make uncomfortable when driving. Make sure you feel comfortable with the skills of its staff. You want a store that is convenient to carry your bike serviced at a later date.

*) Bicycle Right
Try to ride some kinds of bikes from the low end of your budget and the high end. Feel the difference. Try also to differences in the components to find the best one that you feel. Great store has several options and has a size suitable for the try. When you try it on the ground is quite roomy, try also on grass, asphalt and soil. Feel comfortable feeling when a try. Bicycle Dealers usually allow you to try the bike around 5-10 menit.Hal which is important when you try and buy a bike is the right size for you. For mountain bikes, at a lack of 2 inches from the top tube when you stand in the middle. You make sure the height of the seat distance. Your leg should be almost straight when sitting and your feet on the pedal at the lowest level. There are two ways to measure the size of the bike bars. One, from the middle of the bottom bracket to the middle of the seat tube. Two, from the middle of the bottom bracket to the middle of the top tube. Benchmark size bike is very diverse from the manufacturer. So try in advance and find out which is appropriate to the size anda.Cobalah ride on terrain that has asphalt, grass, soil etc. If you think you’ve found a bike that fits you, try a few more times. Make sure the drive with a sense of comfort, transfer teeth were appropriate and brake wear

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