Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?

I often get questions about tips on choosing a mirrorless camera, whether it be in person, by mail, via the blog comments, or through social media about the mirrorless camera brand is the best. “Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?” “Fuji Camera with Sony The Best Where?” “X mirrorless camera with picture better outcome Y brand where the hell?”. “Mirrorless cameras suitable for beginners what?”. Almost all questions to compare one brand with other brands.


I am happy to answer them one by one so they do not waste time there googling googling here, there asked a question here, in the end to buy a camera that is from the beginning has been targeted. Not convinced, then compare it beforehand with the other brands. Some of the following are my answers to the questions above:

1. I am not the type of person who likes mutually camera.

I’m the type of person who faithfully hold one brand of camera. Normally, I replace the old new camera because the camera was broken. I also sometimes buy a new camera because the camera has a specific function, such as underwater cameras. I realized that once I am also looking for the best brand of camera for this one reason: need to buy the most perfect camera with the most affordable price!

After I read the reviews here and there I finally decided to buy the Samsung NX500. Why? The reason I wrote full review Samsung NX500 is * click *. But after having the NX500 camera, my opinion began to change to number 2.

2. Instead of busy thinking about the best mirrorless camera brand, it is better to think about the best camera lens.

After having mirrorless cameras, of course I join an online photography forum dong. Well, from there my photos from photographers with a variety of brands of cameras and lenses.

Whenever you see a nice photo, the suspect must always lenses with good quality are expensive. Then I stared at the camera Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera according to experts is the best-in-class APS-C. The picture is nice and all, but less satisfactory when compared with a camera with a lens that is good and expensive.

People have always complimented the great Fuji photo, photographs of Sony color is less than satisfactory, and so forth. Once I saw myself, many are photographs of Sony’s great. Similarly, results of Fuji photo too much ugly. Depending on the camera lens used. The more good lens, the more the images produced is also nice. Kan is the lens that captures light, not the body of the camera.

Then I saw some photos belonging to photographers who use expensive cameras with lens brands are expensive, but the picture ‘so doang’. My opinion was changed to No. 3.

3. It’s the man behind the gun.

Many photos on Instagram using the iphone camera but the results are astounding. Can likes her much anyway. However, many also use an expensive camera + lens super expensive but the results are mediocre.

I also had its own really. My photographs are using the Canon SX260 (spring pocket spring prosumer cameras) whose specifications jauuuuuh worse than NX 500 often gets more likes than the photos of the NX500. Well lo.

There are some skills that must be mastered by a photographer. The ability to take the right angle photo makes the images more attractive. The ability to direct pose fotomodel can also make the images become more dramatic. In addition, the ability of the photographic standards also must be known if you want to learn pornography .. er, I mean photography, such as camera settings in low light, the combination of ISO + + Aperture Shutter Speed, and so forth. There are many more photography skill you can master. There must master all these skills at a time anyway. Learn slowly, increase exercise, do with enjoy, undoubtedly … Uhm, you undoubtedly feel enjoy.

The right moments can also make your photos into cool. The right moment can be found, for example, photographing milky way had to find a very dark place, spotting planes must wait for a plane take off or landing, find out when the natural phenomena such as eclipses of the sun and blood moon occurs, and moments of another in a predictable beforehand. The right moment can also happen because of luck. The formula luck how? Easy. Besides finding a location which is indeed the probability of that moment is large, also with a lot perpetual charity.

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