5 Tips how to use Facebook with good and true

Facebook is one of the social media that are currently most items and is used by users all over the world. For that we as users have to be careful in using facebook as well as the need to be positive in the current facebook use it because it is often used for evil. Here Login Page are the tricks and how to use facebook well and true:

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1. make sure you understand and understand about Facebook
Before you get started using facebook, it would be better you understand the workings of facebook, facebook’s functionality, the impact of facebook and so on. For that please learn from close friends, relatives, families who already understand about Facebook.

2. use the name corresponding to the identity
by using the original name, facebook you will easily search by friends, relatives, your family far away. and Facebook also recommends using the original name.

3. Don’t ever log in our site other than Facebook.com
The number of sites that are similar to the look of Facebook that is used to find out your password. Therefore take heart, and make sure you Login at Facebook.com

4. use poto poto profile with your original
Facebook is more delighted if poto that profile is genuine. because it makes it easy for other people to know you. By using your original poto easier in bersosial media and recognized truth.

5. Update the status useful and good words
one of the positive impact of facebook is that we can share knowledge, share knowledge, give motifasi salang, mutual reminding and as a forum or community. Therefore please use good words in status updates.

Here only 5 tips and ways to use facebook, hopefully this article has made You more cautious in using social media and can give a positive impact to others. By using facebook with good and right means you will be spared from those things that are not in want.

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