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Like watching sports and know the technique of photography in the moment of his capture? Well, it’s be fun, yes. In addition to being able to watch favorite sport, so you have a memento from every sport to watch. Activities undertaken as sport is usually done quickly, and therefore when you have to know the technique of photography. This time the IDS will provide some tips in making sports photos.

sport photos

Setting a fast shutter speed
You’re watching a football game, where the players dribbling, running fast, and goals. You can imagine not how fast the ball into the goal but you miss the moment that can not be repeated in the camera. Use a fast shutter speed to get a quick movement as if the shutter speed is slow you will miss an important moment at the top. Set your camera to shutter priority mode and select 1/500 or more. You better come early when the game has not started yet, so you can try out the camera settings before actually shooting.

Large aperture
Adjust the aperture setting as possible to get a fast shutter speed. If you have diafragma lens f / 2.8 or f / 4 then you can easily set a high shutter speed. However, if you do not have a lens like that, and just diafragma f / 5.6 or smaller, do not forget to bring a flash or find a place where you get more sunlight.
Continous Shoot
Rapid movement may make you lose a lot of moment. You can use the continuos shoot in order to take pictures in many and continuous. Mode vurst allows you to take up to 6 photos at a time. Oh, yes do not forget to wear a memory with a large capacity, yes. Because of this mode will be spent memory and if necessary take up memory card.

Use Tele Lens
Perhaps the above we have already advised to use the flash, but flash can interfere with the player when playing. Telephoto lenses will make you better able to capture their movements. So, better turn off flash!

Continuous Auto Focus Mode AF-C
Getting the picture right is difficult, yes. However, continuous auto focus mode AF-C or Al Servo, make you can get a very nice moment.
Photographing moment that quickly turned out to be not that difficult, huh? Moreover, you understand well how the technique of photography. Do not forget to always practice so that more and more your sport photo collection.

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