How to calculate your body mass index

Are you too thin, too fat – or even harmful to your health? The body mass index is a worldwide guide for the target weight of adult women and men. With the this Online BMI calculator, you can calculate whether you have ideal weight.

The so-called body mass index (BMI) indicates whether your weight is correct. It is valid for adolescents from 16 and adults.

The BMI formula is:

BMI = body weight in relation to weight

The classification according to BMI has relatively wide ranges for underweight, normal weight and the different forms of the overweight. A BMI of 18.5 to 25 is normal, from 25 to 30 is referred to as overweight and beyond the 30 of obesity (= overweight).

A slight increase in BMI is normal with increasing age:

Older Desirable BMI

19 to 24 years 19-24
25 to 34 years 20-25
35 to 44 years 21-26
45 to 54 years 22-27
55 to 64 years 23-28
Over 65 years 24-29

BMI of woman
A woman who is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 70 kilos has a BMI of 22.86, for example. It has normal weight. However, the values calculated by the BMI calculator for women often do not correspond to the self-estimations of the women here.
A study by the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago showed that women are often too fat, despite their ideal weight. Wohingegen afro-American women have far fewer problems with superfluous kilos. Although many of the women are considered as obese according to the body mass index, they were much slimmer in their figure than they actually were.

BMI bill for children
The diagnosis of overweight or obesity in children is not easy, because the BMI for adults is for children to be extended by age and gender. It is easy for a pediatrician to determine whether the child is overweight or obese.

Volcano Etna Spits Again Lava

Volcano in Italy

The volcano Etna in Sicily has erupted again. The highest volcano in Europe spewed lava on Monday evening and formed a lava flow on the southeast crater, a spokesman for the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) said on Tuesday.

However, there is no danger that air traffic at the airport in nearby Catania is not hindered by ash. The activity on the volcano has recently increased again.

Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world

On Mount Etna, there are always major eruptions, it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. At the end of May, in Taormina, the G7 summit of the leading industries takes place, which is also expected by US President Donald Trump . The INGV spokesman stressed that if the Etna spit ash at this time, airplanes could also evade other airports.

How does a volcanic eruption manifest itself?

Researchers monitor volcanoes. Nevertheless, no one can predict with a hundred percent certainty when a volcano erupts. However, there are indications indicating an early outbreak. Look in the video, which six signs indicate a volcanic eruption.

How to Capture photos Quick run, or exercise sport

Like watching sports and know the technique of photography in the moment of his capture? Well, it’s be fun, yes. In addition to being able to watch favorite sport, so you have a memento from every sport to watch. Activities undertaken as sport is usually done quickly, and therefore when you have to know the technique of photography. This time the IDS will provide some tips in making sports photos.

sport photos

Setting a fast shutter speed
You’re watching a football game, where the players dribbling, running fast, and goals. You can imagine not how fast the ball into the goal but you miss the moment that can not be repeated in the camera. Use a fast shutter speed to get a quick movement as if the shutter speed is slow you will miss an important moment at the top. Set your camera to shutter priority mode and select 1/500 or more. You better come early when the game has not started yet, so you can try out the camera settings before actually shooting.

Large aperture
Adjust the aperture setting as possible to get a fast shutter speed. If you have diafragma lens f / 2.8 or f / 4 then you can easily set a high shutter speed. However, if you do not have a lens like that, and just diafragma f / 5.6 or smaller, do not forget to bring a flash or find a place where you get more sunlight.
Continous Shoot
Rapid movement may make you lose a lot of moment. You can use the continuos shoot in order to take pictures in many and continuous. Mode vurst allows you to take up to 6 photos at a time. Oh, yes do not forget to wear a memory with a large capacity, yes. Because of this mode will be spent memory and if necessary take up memory card.

Use Tele Lens
Perhaps the above we have already advised to use the flash, but flash can interfere with the player when playing. Telephoto lenses will make you better able to capture their movements. So, better turn off flash!

Continuous Auto Focus Mode AF-C
Getting the picture right is difficult, yes. However, continuous auto focus mode AF-C or Al Servo, make you can get a very nice moment.
Photographing moment that quickly turned out to be not that difficult, huh? Moreover, you understand well how the technique of photography. Do not forget to always practice so that more and more your sport photo collection.

Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?

I often get questions about tips on choosing a mirrorless camera, whether it be in person, by mail, via the blog comments, or through social media about the mirrorless camera brand is the best. “Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?” “Fuji Camera with Sony The Best Where?” “X mirrorless camera with picture better outcome Y brand where the hell?”. “Mirrorless cameras suitable for beginners what?”. Almost all questions to compare one brand with other brands.


I am happy to answer them one by one so they do not waste time there googling googling here, there asked a question here, in the end to buy a camera that is from the beginning has been targeted. Not convinced, then compare it beforehand with the other brands. Some of the following are my answers to the questions above:

1. I am not the type of person who likes mutually camera.

I’m the type of person who faithfully hold one brand of camera. Normally, I replace the old new camera because the camera was broken. I also sometimes buy a new camera because the camera has a specific function, such as underwater cameras. I realized that once I am also looking for the best brand of camera for this one reason: need to buy the most perfect camera with the most affordable price!

After I read the reviews here and there I finally decided to buy the Samsung NX500. Why? The reason I wrote full review Samsung NX500 is * click *. But after having the NX500 camera, my opinion began to change to number 2.

2. Instead of busy thinking about the best mirrorless camera brand, it is better to think about the best camera lens.

After having mirrorless cameras, of course I join an online photography forum dong. Well, from there my photos from photographers with a variety of brands of cameras and lenses.

Whenever you see a nice photo, the suspect must always lenses with good quality are expensive. Then I stared at the camera Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera according to experts is the best-in-class APS-C. The picture is nice and all, but less satisfactory when compared with a camera with a lens that is good and expensive.

People have always complimented the great Fuji photo, photographs of Sony color is less than satisfactory, and so forth. Once I saw myself, many are photographs of Sony’s great. Similarly, results of Fuji photo too much ugly. Depending on the camera lens used. The more good lens, the more the images produced is also nice. Kan is the lens that captures light, not the body of the camera.

Then I saw some photos belonging to photographers who use expensive cameras with lens brands are expensive, but the picture ‘so doang’. My opinion was changed to No. 3.

3. It’s the man behind the gun.

Many photos on Instagram using the iphone camera but the results are astounding. Can likes her much anyway. However, many also use an expensive camera + lens super expensive but the results are mediocre.

I also had its own really. My photographs are using the Canon SX260 (spring pocket spring prosumer cameras) whose specifications jauuuuuh worse than NX 500 often gets more likes than the photos of the NX500. Well lo.

There are some skills that must be mastered by a photographer. The ability to take the right angle photo makes the images more attractive. The ability to direct pose fotomodel can also make the images become more dramatic. In addition, the ability of the photographic standards also must be known if you want to learn pornography .. er, I mean photography, such as camera settings in low light, the combination of ISO + + Aperture Shutter Speed, and so forth. There are many more photography skill you can master. There must master all these skills at a time anyway. Learn slowly, increase exercise, do with enjoy, undoubtedly … Uhm, you undoubtedly feel enjoy.

The right moments can also make your photos into cool. The right moment can be found, for example, photographing milky way had to find a very dark place, spotting planes must wait for a plane take off or landing, find out when the natural phenomena such as eclipses of the sun and blood moon occurs, and moments of another in a predictable beforehand. The right moment can also happen because of luck. The formula luck how? Easy. Besides finding a location which is indeed the probability of that moment is large, also with a lot perpetual charity.

Having fun with Photography Themes For Your Wedding

Preparing weddings are always the outcome of long-term creativity and is something that is not a daily taking place for a minimum of the most people. Among one of the most important considerations for your wedding event is preparing of the photography sessions. Would not it be a wonderful suggestion to have something different as well as special planned for your images. Something that is not typical and something that aids you check out your wedding celebration pictures and allows you smile whatever the current circumstance. Some specialists help you record your wedding celebration pictures with the exact same feeling that you require. They make the pictures spell professionalism and trust.

Photography Themes For Your Wedding

You sure would certainly be planning your wedding to the dot. You will need to think of the clothing, flower setups, the place, visitor listing, food as well as every little thing else. You will certainly have to do all this within an established budget also. Now the last point you will certainly consider is the photography. Nevertheless, in fact the wedding event pictures will stick with you for a lengthy time to come however all the wedding arrangements you have made will certainly be done and also entered eventually. This is exactly why you have to give a great deal even more importance to the photography. This is where you need to be applying your mind extensively and investing appropriately in a professional digital photographer.

You could select an aesthetic motif where the professional photographer will be using less of the orthodox techniques as well as instead will be incorporating a whole lot of different tones and also colors to create astonishing pictures. Specialist photographers understand that couples nowadays want something out of the ordinary. They would certainly like the special and various designs.

Functioning in alliance with the digital photographer from the beginning will help you develop a bond and this subsequently will certainly aid you understand how the photographer jobs. Similarly the photographer will plainly understand your wants and needs. This understanding will certainly help highlight the most effective within both events.

With the help of your wedding celebration images you should be able to travel to the past and also this may assist you treasure memories in a gorgeous fashion. Digital photographers normally have a collection of photos that they make use of as recommendations. You can easily look at these and make your style choices. This aids you decide exactly what sort of images you would certainly enjoyed on your own to be seen in.

Riau Ega Win, Archer Number One World Shock

Archer’s world number one South Korean, Kim Woo-jin, was eliminated from the second round of archery branch individually numbered men in the Rio 2016 Olympics, Monday, August 8, 2016, local time. Archers Indonesia, Riau Ega Agatha, an actor of a shock to Kim in the event.

Archery World Cup Stage 1 Shanghai, China

Kim was the gold medalist in archery branch numbers in the team last Saturday. He also scored a new world record with 72 arrows in the ranking on the previous day. Kim surrendered 2-6 of Riau in a match at a windy afternoon at the Sambodromo Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“I’m still in shock,” said Kim, 24 years old archer, who was also nicknamed ‘The Bear’ in his home country, told reporters. “I’m not going to blame anything or anyone, I just regret not doing your best today.

“Four years I prepare myself well. It’s wonderful to win a gold medal for the team, but for a number of individuals I am very sorry for myself, because I have felt very prepared, but everything is lost now.”

With Kim deprived of competition, now leaving only Brady Ellison – archers from the United States team who lost his gold medal after the team defeated Korea – as the highest seed in the tournament.

Riau Ega, 24 years old, from Surabaya, had lost the opening set but make Kim was startled in the next three sets. Ega Agatha sealing the triumph thanks to two brilliant shot that landed smoothly in the middle of the gold targets to score two perfect scores: ten.

When the scoreboard favor of the Riau Ega, Kim only able to bow their heads while teammate looking anxiously. On the other hand, Riau Ega grinned and held up a finger to his coach. Riau Ega at once to qualify for the third round or a round of 16 to face archers Italy, Mauro Nespoli.

Riau Ega, who is now ranked 29 in the world, never beat Kim in several previous attempts, but he had several times managed to beat Korea’s top archer at the World Cup. “It’s a very big surprise to me, but I have to stay focused to face (competitors) else,” he said.

“I really hope to win (the match) today, but not too much because Woo-jin is the number one archer in the world. But I’ve done today.”

The head of the Indonesian contingent, King Oktohari, is one of the most fun in the stands. He said the victory will create shock waves in the Southeast Asian country.

“All the people of Indonesia will be surprised,” he said. “It will be euphoria for us but, of course, we still have another game to prepare for. And (he) should be the focus, euphoria enough just half an hour.”

Indonesia archery team coach Denny Trisjanto said, the mental factor will determine the pace of Riau Ega next. “Opponents Ega selanjut still heavy. We will focus on the mental readiness,” said Denny in Rio de Janeiro, Monday, or Tuesday morning GMT.

In addressing these mental factors, according to Denny, not only on oneself Riau Ega itself but also the support of colleagues and the entire nation of Indonesia. Riau Ega victory over Kim, according to Denny, also more on the mental factor.

“Seen in the middle of the match South Korean archer was getting nervous, let alone coach continues to scold him. While Ega remained calm although there was ketingalan first,” said Denny.

Though it can subvert the first seed, Riau Ega challenge in the quarterfinals to the next round is still severe. Riau Ega will be back to compete on August 12, which is the final day of the 2016 Games archery branch

The extensions come to Google Docs and Sheets: create even better documents from your mobile


When we think of Google applications YouTube, Play Music, Translator, Calendar comes to mind… But few who know that Google has a whole pack of Office Automation: Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Today, but we’ll talk about the first two, Google Sheets (Excel from Google) and Docs (the Word of Google), who receive new extensions, an add-on that will expand its capabilities.

It amplifies the possibilities of Google Docs and Google Sheets with accessories

Indeed, Google Docs and Google Sheets already support extensions, an application created and designed by third parties that add functionality specific to these two applications of Office Automation, how to add a signature set, create a concrete graph…

These snap-ins installed in our mobile “they communicate” automatically with Google Docs and Google Sheets, i.e., we can access to its features directly from these two applications without the need to configure anything.

Some of these extensions that since Android we recommend are:

  • Classroom: it combines your educational activity with the documents that you develop, such as schedules, notes, events…
  • AppSheet: create an application from a Google Sheets or Google Docs document without having to chop code.
  • Scanbot: convert content digital documents into editable text, hence the name of scanner.
  • DocuSign: Add a personal and specific signature to any document.

So, if you are a user of these applications in your day to day and had intended to broaden your horizons don’t wait to download these add-ons! From Android, to invite you to create your own add-in, since all the documentation and code is free license.

You can consult all the information available at the entrance of its own Android Developers blog, where you will find a short description of the best extensions to date.

Despite having only 5.2 mm thick, Moto Z passes the test of torture with note

About a month ago, Lenovo had the Moto Z, the first smartphone of the mark with “modular” features. We then saw a pretty dramatic device, with a very attractive design, combining an aspect premium and extremely able, only 5.2 mm thick Many were those who particularly criticized this feature, since fragility and weak associated with it.

Apparently, they could not be further away from the truth. If you don’t know the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, specializes in torture – in the vast majority of occasions until its destruction – all phones and devices to determine their degree of resistance. Despite being a job something controversial, thanks to this channel we know, for example, that the Nexus 6 p is not very resistant. Now the turn has come to Moto Z. will be able to withstand the tests of JerryRigEverything?

Moto Z, more resilient than we thought

Spoiler alert! The Moto Z is one of the toughest devices we’ve seen in the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. As we can see in the video, already by itself we see that it is quite difficult to scratch the screen of the device, as well as the lens of the camera. That Yes, if any criticism can be a Moto Z is overlay of the fingerprint sensor, which does not seem to be very resistant.

After Jerry passes to the ‘bend test’ is when changing the thing. At first, we all think that the device will depart in two without having to exert too much pressure. It is not. Apparently, Jerry difficult enough even get to bend the device and this does not fail at any time. To force, we see how the smartphone comes to bend enough, but leave it only for a few seconds returns to its original state.

In summary, it seems that Moto Z would resist without problems a day in the back pocket of your pants without sagging, despite having the incredible 5.2 mm thick. Certainly should congratulate Lenovo to produce a device as tough but thin at the same time.

Samsung comes against Huawei with a new demand for patents


The war to be the best in the world of smartphones will not fight only in the market, but also in the courts. On this occasion, this time the odds are Samsung and Huawei, the Korean giant against the emerging of Chinese range.

Unfortunately, not is the first time that is gives a case as this: two big firms faced by patents. Apparently, this time it is Samsung who accuses Huawei, with nothing more and nothing less than 6 violations.

Second round in the legal war between Huawei and Samsung

As we read in Reuters, Samsung sued Huawei will make two weeks for breach of 6 patents, 4 months after Huawei will require equally to Samsung for copying the 4 G-related patents.

According to say, Samsung tried to resolve them things “of fashion friendly” but not has state possible. Anyway, the Korean company not would be seeking financial compensation, but an agreement in relation to these patents, according to analyst Lee Do-hoon in Reuters.

In a statement directed also to Reuters, Samsung said:

Despite our best efforts to resolve this matter of form friendly, is has had that recourse to take actions legal in defense of our property intellectual.

Whatever it is, Samsung has asked the purpose of the manufacture and sale of terminals which says that they infringe their patents: Huawei Mate 8 (a terminal in November of last year) and some of its range Huawei Honor.

In the absence of more information, just need to conclude that this seems to be an endless conflict, when they are not ones they are others, although lately the common denominator tends to be Samsung. A conflict that hopefully that does not influence in the emergence of new devices, how the next Samsung Galaxy Note7 or the rumored Huawei Matt 9.

What do you think? Who do you think you are right?

Nokia once again in the hands of Android, will be as big as in the past?


Just one month we did we echo in Andro4all of the news that Nokia could return to the Android scene very early and just a few days ago, already knew some specifications of the terminals that would be submitted: 820 Snapdragon, 2 k, 7.0 Android screens, etc. A priori sounds very well, but us arises a doubt: would be enough with that? Nokia will revert to reign in the world of mobile telephony as once did it?

Nokia is a brand with a wide path that we all know, but the market has changed and it is completely different to as it was under the mandate of the Finnish company. Brands such as Samsung and Huawei seem fully seated and Xiaomi, Oppo and live are going very strong. In fact, some of these are the companies with the largest number of sales.

Nokia will return to big

To day of today, the world of the telephony mobile is seems much to the of the smartwatches. All are almost equal in terms of hardware and are minor differences physical or design which can decant the purchase. If Nokia does a good job and innovates a little, obviously, you can be at the level of the competition, but could go one step further away if they take advantage of the sentimental component. He want to remember our first phone and see how has changed all can have enough pull.

One of the characteristic features of the old Nokia is the resistance of the devices. I am sure all of you noticed some “meme” about how tough that was. It is true that in these vignettes is it exaggerated and that today the screens are big and delicate, but if they manage to maintain a durable and rigid bodies can be a differential element, more taking into account that phones like the S7 Active Galaxy are sold as resistant to everything and give many problems. Perhaps Nokia could exploit that niche market.

Second parts were never good

It looks complicated thinking that he can unseat brands such as Samsung or Apple, as well as Asian brands already commented. The competition is very tight and prices are becoming tighter. Day after day we see terminals with an amazing value for money, with warranty and in physical stores, so that Nokia should tighten its belt very well or do something extremely good from the beginning.

We have said before that a traditional brand facilitates the acceptance of consumers, but that doesn’t guarantee you success. Companies like HTC, Sony and LG are not going through good times at the level of sales or revenue, despite being the biggest in recent years. Everything has a purpose, everything is finished, and perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the traditional brands. Perhaps is too late for Nokia back to the market. Only time will give us the answer.


To know what will happen with the Finnish label we will have to wait at least one couple of years, but it is interesting to analyze the scene and the situation to which will soon face. Honestly, I think that Nokia still has muscle and name to try to make a gap in the market, even though it is highly unlikely to reach dimensions in their day.

Do you think that it can offer us Nokia? Are voices of which has no hollow or that on the contrary you can return to being one of the leaders of the sector? We want to know your opinion.