Get Reward Best With The Easiest Way Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a game that is in development by the IGG or I Got Game which has some similarities with the Clash on Clan. The difference, in this game Hero becomes very vital role in its efforts to lead troops to attack the opponent’s territory.
Like games in general, Castle clash hack game will also give rewards in the form of gold or jewels. But on the need of business very hard and long enough to get it because you have to get to a certain level to get the reward. Until finally, it is the underlying several parties to piracy. With this tool, you will be able to purchase a variety of gift in the game Castle Clans. In addition, you also will be able to notice the earliest if there is the latest upgrade of the developer.

Currently, the use of a pirate is common among gamers. This is evidenced by the number of websites that provide tools for free pirate game. This will certainly make it easier for gamers because they do not need long and struggled to reach a certain level.

But you know, that there are other ways that can be used in addition to piracy against Castle Clash game is this? Yes. By using the application without piracy, you will still be able to make purchases. The principle of this application is to give a dollar to the player each of the players follow the instructions set forth in the application.

The application name is whaff Rewards where you log in using Facebook, you will automatically become members officially registered. After that, to obtain an initial balance of $ 0.30 You must be a Premium Member to AF98216 enter the code in the “Invitation Code” or Invitation Code.

After that, to obtain additional balance, you can invite your friends where you are going to get a balance of $ 0.30 on every friend who joins with a code that you have. The trick is “whaff> Invite Friends> [your code]. After that, you will also get some extra balance to perform all the tasks that exist in the application. Do the same for Premium Picks tab, Other Picks, and Lucky Pick. You will also get the balance by check attendance every day. This method is considered the easiest to get the balance of the application whaff Rewards addtional this.
If your balance has reached $ 12 then Ana can exchange Hero Spirit Mage by clicking on the icon “W” to select Payments. After that, choose a card with “Google Play Gift Card $ 12”. In exchange for $ 12 on whaff then you will get $ 10. Click the “Request” and press OK.
Make a Gift Code Check and record the given code. Set your Google Wallet page and select “Change” or Redeem.

How to Get the legendary cards in Clash Royale

Endlessly we discuss strategy game made in this Supercell. Surely you already know the game is popular enough to play in this smartphone, yes Clash Royale name. Game with millions of players have predicted will continue to grow and becomes a competitor COC.


Gameplay is practically easy bother making the player linger play this strategy game. Players are only required to create or compile a strategy to devise a series of forces in real-time.

Each card has a number of different elixir as well as COC. The higher the elixir on a character, certainly can complicate the ability of the enemy. But it all depends on how we use the card with effective or not.

In this game the player is required in order to raise the trophy or trophies that can rise to a higher arena. Each arena has a minimum number of requirements that have been set. The advantage that you can get when you’ve reached a high arena will get a new code or card get clash royale cards

There are the types of cards you can find in the future, among them are common cards, rare card, epic card, and legendary card. These types of cards are the most in the desire by clasher is legendary card. Very special card is only available in the arena arena 4 to 8. Each arena has some legendary card card.

Why legendary card type cards is very difficult to obtain? Because this card is a card type with the highest level in the game Clash Royale. And the types of cards easily available is common card. Actually, to get this legendary card practically difficult-been easy. So the player who gets the card arguably legendary easily profit.

For the player to get a legendary card for free, so you could say he was very lucky. Because many of the clasher are willing to spend millions to tens of millions to buy gems in order to get the card favortinya legendary.

Tips will be given later not one hundred percent successful. But it would not hurt you to practice immediately. Because of the previous tips have admin YaTekno try and managed to get a card for free Legendary Miner via free chest in the arena 7. Lucky again after that also get a card from the crown chest Golem Epic

Download Best Mod GTA V Liberty Awesome

Since GTA 5 PC version released last year, GTA 4 is already flooded over hundreds of mod that has been made by the modder, indeed, the author confused to find a mod that very change in terms of gameplay 180 ‘changed, many mod released by the modders to date this, ranging from mod shaders, graphic air-small scale until a thorough, cars, motorcycles, and much more. With this mod, at least make the city of Los Santos is the park “play” the most fun, whimsical, silly, and, of course? dangerous.

At the end of the article, the author will tell you, what is needed in order to mod on the author under the working alias work, need to be reminded to you, this article was created on 21 September 2016, later the author will update again article with mod-mod author assumes cried, so, check the continued development of modnya in this article (or bookmark). \

Attention before the start: Rockstar Games as the developer claimed clarification about modifying the game, stating that the player will not be banned as long as they modify the single-player mode. However, do not se-all! GTA Online play with the mod installed, want whatever it is installed as Graphic, cars, etc. do not really advisable to play GTA 5 with mod installed !. Mod authors have been tried all the suggestions here, there are some who can not be installed because of the low FPS reason, so, if you are strong to run the mod suggested, lucky you. If not? authors will someday seek a special mod for the low-end PC.

GTA V: Liberty City

This mod is a result of the Conversion (portingan) of GTA IV, need to be reminded !, do not see from the title of this mod, because what you see is not as you imagine, not a pedestrian, passing vehicles, police, let alone a robber. But there are things that you can get with this mod, feel loneliness as vague as mod around the building, and maybe you guys in mind the thought cool”. Download here determines what mods gta 5 money generator
Note: The author is currently coming to this place, feel the lag pretty badly (even crashes) because the creator is not to optimize the number of objects that are ported, aka, the objects are arranged to form the statue of liberty is not perfect and it very much, you can be sure her PC with strong handles..

Some time ago, GTA 5 is already released mod dragon, but only just and rudimentary script, with these imperfections, the modder Julio NIB made mod called Dragons V. Making it the most greget modders. With this mod, you can do activities such as Naga, exhale air-!, fire fly, wild like a dragon from another world, to throw people into the air. Before you take action dragon, make sure you have the model of the dragon, you can download skyrim dragon version here or the great dragon here (writer happier great dragon version)

Know Your Castle Games clash and essential components you should know

Hello clasher. This time I will introduce a game castle clash, how do I start playing a game castle this clash.
Castle Clash is a war strategy game based MMORPG. Where we played with a lot of players in a single server with a graphical display ajiiib, castle clash game can only be played on mobile phones based on android and ios.
Castle clash is almost similar to the game COC, may mate clasher familiar with the game COC or clash of clan. Yaa is almost similar to the one just different characters. If at COC character are troops or troops, nahh reply in this clash castle game character is a hero or heroine.

How do I start a game castle this clash?
Before we start the game castle clash hack, we have to download it on google play store via phone android or ios. Search on google play store with the word castle clash.
There are some important things that should be in the know in this game is the hero clash castle, building, HB, MIGHT, gems, shard, squads and hire. Everything that is important so that we can maintain accounts castle clash that we play strongly.

I will explain some important things to note in this clash castle game are:

1. Upgrade buildings
First how to start this clash castle game is to build a town hall should be kept in the upgrade, well, if at the town hall has new upgrades we can build other buildings. There are some important buildings to be upgraded in the game’s castle clash. The first is the town hall, garisoon, where the dome, golden dome, which mines, gold mines and the fence – the fence.

2. Upgrade Hero
After the building – the building has been upgraded and hero in the castle clash is no less important to continuously upgrade the level, skill, and tallentnya. By attacking other players hero level will continue to rise. In addition to the attack we can increase the level of hero with a book, play or wave currents, and play dungeon

3. Hire a Hero
Now the question of where we get the hero in the game castle this clash? The trick is to hire or employ a hero who is in the altar with gems (a type of goods that are valuable in this clash castle game). We could hire a hero by going to the altar hero, then hire or employ hero with gems 150 or 450. There are some great hero in the game castle this clash is that purple hero legend, if clasher can get hero legend, it was an own happiness in this clash castle game.

Well maybe it was some recognition of the importance of this clash castle game. Over time pal definitely clasher experts play a game castle this clash. Do not give up and had to wait to play it and take a long time. So what are you waiting Ayoo immediately castle clash hack play this game

3 Secret Tips Pokemon Go Unanswered on the Go

Pokémon Go today is seen as a ‘fever’ usual. Although not realized in full, many people whose lives have changed as a result of this game, like so fond of walking to places nearby that even they have never visited before to get acquainted with a fellow fan of Pokémon.

In order for your game more exciting and fun, the editors have set up a number of tips and tricks Pokémon Go obtained from various sources. This is it:

1. Increasingly ‘old’, Poke Ball increasingly scarce

If you are currently often rely on Poke Stop to get ammo mandatory Pokémon trainer, the Poke Ball, so from now approximately subtract the habit. Therefore, the higher the level you later, allocation of Poke Stop Poke Ball will be reduced, because the ration items began to be divided. The reason is, there are some brand-new items that are available along with the increase level.

“So I’m just ngeh when the higher level players, unlocked items that will be. This means, the ration items will be more and more divided, “so I also admin Pokecoins freebies  “The proof is in level 1 when we looting items on Poke Stop, for sure we’ll have more Poke Ball, because the item is unlocked is still small.”

However, you need not worry excessively. When you level up, you will receive a reward. Even at level 12, you are allowed to pocket the 20 Great Ball free.

2. ‘Creating’ Poke new Stop near home? Can!

Did you find the location you live too far with Poke Stop? Perhaps with this limitation, you often feel like life alienated from the urban bustle.

But do not be sad yet, since you request the Poke Stop and a new gym in Niantic, developer Pokémon Go. First, open the first this link and fill out the online its plus is equipped with a photo.

The main requirement, the location of your registered residence is not unusual, but the location of the business or other public places. Therefore, will certainly be very annoying when your house disantroni tens to hundreds of people all day who do not seek or even care about you as the host.

Niantic though not necessarily receive all requests from you, at least you’ve given feedback about how ‘tandusnya’ where you play at this time. Who knows Niantic moved to add a lot of Poke Stop around you.

Oh yes, it also applies to those who want to remove your location is used Poke Stop or Go Pokémon gym on the map.

3. Have Pikachu from the outset

If you are so in love with Pikachu, there is an easy way to have a cute yellow Pokémon it from the beginning.

Yup, there’s an easy trick in Pokémon Go so you can have a Pikachu without having to find and catch it in the wild. So, when you first play the Pokémon Go, you are welcome to choose one of three Pokémon that will be the first friend of your trip (starter Pokémon). They are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

If you are passing through the stage of granting free Pokémon, you are likely to have a Pikachu instead. How, you need to leave the location where you are at the beginning. Walk away until the three Pokémon of three distinct elements that are not visible. Later, they will reappear around you. However, still leave them as much as four times.

Well, at the fourth time of three Pokémon that appear, you will find Pikachu around Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Tap the icon Poke Ball Pikachu and throw you to catch it. Pikachu is so successful you get, the three Pokémon who had been ‘haunt’ you will disappear by itself.

Cooking Games Best Practices

Cooking Games Best Practices

Cooking Games_ Best Practices

Cooking games are great fun when played in your own kitchen on your own terms. It’s nice to work with food and utensils and to discover all kinds of different things you can make with your own two hands. Playing cooking games requires a bit of dedication and practice, however. The games can be dangerous if you’re not playing correctly – especially when it comes to heat sources and sharp objects.

Never Play Cooking Games Alone
You might be the only one in the kitchen making fruit kabobs, but you shouldn’t be the only on in the house while working in the kitchen. If there is an accident of some kind or you become injured, you need to have another individual present to help – especially as this is a learning process and you can expect to have a few mishaps along the way. Having a parent or at least a friend with you will not only be more fun as you learn to cook, but you’ll be far safer as well.

Cooking Games Best Practices
Cooking Games Best Practices

Plan Ahead For Cooking Games
When you’re playing cooking games, you should absolutely look ahead to the end result and plan your activities. Start by looking at your recipes to be sure you know what you’re doing for each and how to get a hold of the necessary ingredients. Pull out the ingredients out onto the counter before starting so that you’re not rushing around with slippery fingers or tying to juggle too many things at once. Take your time and work through the game steadily.

Be Wary of Appliances
Be sure you know how to use the appliances in your kitchen before starting the cooking games. Most are simple enough with dials and buttons, but sometimes things can be a bit confusing. Check with the adult in your household about how to use the oven and cook top correctly. If you have a convection oven or cook top, the information in the recipe might not be correct in your case and you’ll need to make necessary modifications while you work. Other appliances are more fickle and will need to be handled with care – blenders and food processors especially need a bit of extra attention.

Enjoy Yourself in the Kitchen
As much as possible, cook and play with food that you enjoy working with. You don’t need to force yourself to do something you’re not interested in or work with an ingredient you despise just to say that you did it. Be free and flexible. If you feel like only cooking desserts, by all means do so – there is too much to enjoy in the kitchen to feel rushed or uncomfortable with what you’re trying to do.

If you do find yourself in over your head a bit when it comes time to cook and plan ingredients, head online for some virtual cooking games. These are totally stress free and just fun. Being able to enjoy yourself online playing games is a very nice substitute for the real thing, anyhow.

Know more in the Barbarian and Archer in Clash of Clans

As the two units the most inexpensive in Clash of Clans, Barbarian and Archer are often not taken seriously by many players. Though both of these units has a huge potential. For example the price is cheap, training was fast. DPS high and course access were obtained from the beginning.

Moreover, with the latest update which introduces Barbarian and Archer level 7. With the addition of this level, the second highest level of the force as a disaster for the opponent. And your Tips win easily Clash of Clans with the latest tactics. These tips can make you can Millions Gold and Elixir per Hour!

clash of clans

Excellence & Weaknesses

The advantages of the two units is as follows

The construction costs are cheap.
Hit points sizeable
Rapid training time.
Its high level does not require large resources to be upgraded (compared to other units)
However, the unit also has a weakness that

Hit points per unit is relatively low
Hard drive unit
Damage normal attacks
Easily washed using a defense that has a splash damage
Karatkeristik and General Strategy

Clash of Clans strategy

Before proceeding, we need to understand the general strategy for both units


Usually barbarian pairs by Giant and Arhcer in attack coc hack
Barbarian better deployed that are not easily attacked by Mortar and Wizard Tower
Barbarian in large quantities will be very effective because it has a very high DPS
Barbarian could bounce 2 box if hit by Mortar
Barbarian no preference attacked the building, any building that is close to be attacked
Barbarian easily destroy unprotected buildings, eg builder hut in the corner map
With an equivalent amount giant multiples, barbarian has 75% of the total health giant but has four times the amount of damage.
Barbarian and Archer can get bonus from spell damage hero.
Barbarian is a cheap but effective choice for the Clans castle.


Archer is very vulnerable, but have a far-reaching and could strike over the wall. Because of its slightly hp, archer tower is very vulnerable, especially Mortar and Wizard Tower
Archer is better derived spread that is not easily dibnuh at once
Archer is very well combined with Barbarian and Giant
Archer can take advantage of dead spots that can attack buildings without being able to reach the opponent’s defense.

Clash of Kings: New event and treasure chests in strategy game

Clash of Kings

Elex has released startling numbers to Clash of Kings. As the operator of the games real time strategy game notifies have over 65 million users decided to try the game again. The figures include both users of Facebook and the mobile versions for iOS and Android.

How many users it are actually active in Clash of Kings, can be badly derived therefrom. According Elex the players Clash of Kings visited once cranked through Facebook or a smartphone and tablet come from 155 different countries. In August, the app celebrated its first anniversary.

Also today a fresh update in Google Play Store has landed. All those among you gamble, the Clash of Kings on an Android smartphone or tablet, the new event will not have escaped. Lots of information about the with “Salute Asterix” titled action has however not announced the game operators.

Other more unusual events are also being planned. Besides new alliance Sciences expects you now also treasure chests that you can win when completing quests. To achieve the game is to collect resources like gold coins, food and wood to build and develop your empire from enemy attacks. Thanks to this during the game you can move up in ranking with the aim of becoming the most powerful king. It should be added, which will get it faster by allies, and it is important to share your actions on social networks, using this technique get coins faster with use clash of kings hack tool  and will accelerate your progress.

Clash of Kings shines mainly through its content important and addictive side that pushes the player to regularly take care of his Kingdom for a few minutes every day. Like most management games, put his hand to the wallet becomes quickly mandatory to progress but the game is catches by proposing a vast universe with sympathetic components online. Originality is not the appointment although ELEX Wireless offers us an opus really master. Lovers of the kind will be conquered.

The new version is currently sold in the Google Play Store, the iOS version will follow shortly.

What New Update Clash Royale 4 July

Clash Royale New Update

If a couple of days ago we told you about balance changes, today Clash Royale comes to us with one of the most important updates from the history of the game. On this occasion the novelties are varied: new arena, new letters and tournaments.

What’s new with Clash Royale

New arena: ice peak. In 2300 cups unlocks the new arena and brings 3 new cards. In this new arena, we ask 30 common cards or 3 special and donate 6 common or special 1. In terms of gold for victory will be 16 gold so it is practically the same that sand Real.

New charts: new update comes with 4 new cards, two legendary, one epic and one common.

Trunk: This new letter is legendary and is a spell. You can get in sand 6 and is very easy to use: wheel in a straight line (you can jump the river and you can not get distracted with other troops) and hits all the cards that are in your way.
Ice spirit: the spirit of ice is common and is available in frosted peak. Its function is very similar to the spirits of fire: they move up to the enemy and if you use this clash royale hack tool they was manage to beat him paralyzed it for a few seconds (depending on your level).
Throwing rocks: this new troop extruded of Clash of Clans is epic and again it can get in peak ice cream. The Throwing rocks a large stone that goes rolling and destroying everything in its path. It’s great to finish with the odious choceros because of a coup removes all elves and small units although it does not attack the air.
Lumberjack: Finally the lumberjack is a legendary letter which you can get in sand 8. This new troop to die release a bottle that anger for what if we release a balloon or triple screen just when he is about to die can end easily with the tower.

New tournament mode

As always the best for the end. No doubt tournaments are the star of this Clash Royale update. Now you can organize tournaments with our friends or participate in those who believe the players for free. In order to create a tournament, we will have to use gems but I already advance that it is not cheap to nothing. If we win the tournament (or are in the upper half) will give us a chest that for example in the case of winning the biggest tournament will receive 15,000 letters (that it has taken in this case 14 days in unlocked and meanwhile we will not participate in any other).

Minor changes

New achievements: as joining a tournament or earn 1000 cards in tournaments.

TV Royale: now in legendary sand will show the best of the world more often.

Friendly battles: can choose in that arena we want to play.

Collection of letters: we can sort our cards by elixir cost, quality or sand in which are achieved.

Profile of the player: is will show the latest shuffle with which is has played.

Elimination of the eleventh drop of elixir.

Certainly this Clash Royale update will make the game much more complete. We hope that this post has proved you useful and any questions that you may have both the update as game in general you leave it in comments, it will resolve you as soon as possible. See you in the arena.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Analysis iOS / Android Heroic battles

Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

Fighting games live a truly remarkable era currently. And this fever for this classic genre has come also to mobile devices, being the title that occupies us, Marvel Contest of Champions, the most recent example of this trend.

Fighting titles are still enjoying much prominence and, in fact, in these earlier this year we will enjoy as expected as Dragon Ball Xenoverse or Mortal Combat X titles. However, it is true that Android and iOS formats tend not to accept too many entity sets belonging to this category, so it works as that offered us Kabam quickly take a remarkable role. Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play that is goes in the land of the fight one against one of way successful, since while not can (or aims to) compete against them large of the gender, it has enough virtues.

The story introduces us to two beings against which we must fight that they threaten peace both the Earth and the Marvel Universe. Such a collector is organizing a macabre “tournament” to satisfy the desire for struggle and power of Kang the Conqueror, a very powerful character who wants to face the strongest of the universe types but with use this marvel contest of champions hack tool you will be strong and can beat all your enemies easy.

As it tends to be the norm for this type of production (with exceptions such as the recent and attractive person 4 sand Ultimax) history does not have too much interest in the medium term. But even so, it is true that he bide them is that you chop us enough and we have the curiosity necessary for us to enter the Mission (the main game mode) mode and know what is what is happening in the game.

Well Known Heroes

The mechanics of the game is rather easy to explain. Along a good cluster of missions must go fighting against a large number of villains and superheroes very known of the universe Marvel. In this way in the game are left to watch and control types, such as Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, storm, Gomora and many others. In addition as we move forward and we will obtain runes and crystals, objects that we can to compile, may already not only go by gathering our own team of characters, but also go to enhancing their skills. And this light touch RPG is noticeable and adds a layer of fairly successful depth that suits to the title and its development.

Obviously all the protagonists that is quotes in the title enjoy of your own personality, appearance and, logically, movements and animations. And only that since the nature of all of them also has its importance, there are no mystical characters, other technology, etc. In short, who notes that the developers have put a special care to provide to the superheroes of the greater diversity and possible differentiating attributes.

In terms of the control system, this is very simple, and in addition, precise. If you press the left side of the screen we get our character to block attacks from adversaries, while if we performed various manoeuvres in the right part of the image (quick keystrokes, slides, etc.) we cause our fighter to run different hits. And when have to stop the meter that appears in the part inferior will be the time of trigger the corresponding and powerful Super attack, exclusive for each character.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play that delves into the terrain of struggle one against one of rightly

As you said such a system working properly and is pretty precise. But we must also state that, despite this, it lacks the depth that often bring the vast majority of games of fighting, at least the most important and acclaimed. So much so much so that, for example, there is the possibility to directly control the movement of the actors more than approach and flight movements, as well as other more advanced that we can find in any beat´em up that boasts.

Something similar happens with their options and modalities of game, since in this case instead of find us with a broad assortment of them, it true is that we are before a title rather limited. Obviously these defects impair somewhat playable this title possibilities, but it is also true that it is a free to play, they are understandable.

What is less forgiveness is the excessive monotony of missions. In this case, the developers have not been too inspired by offering sufficient variety and, therefore, lose the game interest notorious way throughout each game. And it goes without saying that this ends up damaging sensitive so fun that it brings us the game.

With regard to your invoice technical, are before a title well captured and that has been recreated with quite success. The appearance and the animations of the characters we have found remarkable, and something similar happens with the decorations. The sound does not reach the same level, but the effects are correct and melodies accompany without disturbing.

Therefore, the developers of Kabam have designed a title of fight that goes more beyond of the hook of the license Marvel to give form to a title of it enough entity. Yes, it is not the new representative of the genus and is rather short in certain areas, but it’s a stimulating game for fans of Thor, Spiderman and company.