How To Open Someone Else’s Facebook Without Password

Find out security gaps Facebook is Facebook how to open others without the password, accompanied by a sharp look at the accounts that the security level is low.


Knowing Facebook security gaps are open my facebook account one way open other people’s Facebook no password at all, accompanied by sharp you look at someone’s Facebook account that the security level is low, it is not impossible you can do break-ins Facebook account without having to know much about hacking techniques.

However, we recommend that you should not try to do so because of breaking into other people’s Facebook is the action illegal, and Facebook already commemorating it. Moreover, in Indonesia there has been legislation ITE (information and electronic transactions) of Cybercrime, which in law can be used as legal protection of all internet activity, be it in the form of transactions and access all the information available on the Internet. Not only that, the legal threat over crimes committed on the Internet also exist. This is necessary so that the public can obtain legal certainty and digital signatures and other electronic evidence can be recognized as legitimate if later You come face to face in front of the law (courts).

Again discusses how to open Facebook without using someone else’s password, Facebook is social media that according to Internet security researchers, becoming the number one target for hackers. They observe the discussions in various forums the hacking underground in different parts of the world, which is an awful lot of the forum members discuss hacking techniques to compromise one’s Facebook account. SQL injection and DDOS are the most popular techniques in this forum. One of the most recent technique allows now to know the Facebook password of others is by utilizing the science of psychology. Well, the science of Psychology who abused to find and exploit a variety of information from someone by doing audio-visual approach, such as chat. By making use of psychology, not impossible any information associated with the username and password of the victim can be revealed.

The way is certain techniques that anyone can learn them quickly if adept at socializing. However, open the Facebook account of others with these techniques still require a password in order to make it possible. A phishing technique, be it in the form of email or the web also still use Facebook password stolen. A wide range of software for hacked also require information about the password used to access another person’s Facebook account.

Is there a how to open Facebook without having to use a password? the answer is “no!”. In an earlier explanation by exploiting security gaps of Facebook that is doing the reporting process account that exploited to Facebook. In fact, the process is a way of getting back at Facebook-hack, but the steps in the process of restoring a Facebook account it can also be a loophole for the hackers/crackers for breaking into someone’s Facebook account. By increasing system security settings in your Facebook account, that way it will not work at all.

The article “how to open Facebook others without Password” it’s not a Facebook account teaches how to break others, but rather to the learning materials and science so that we are more aware of and improve the security of the Facebook account. Let us appreciate and support the ACT ITE and fixed Internet are healthy and safe.

Understanding What Is a Business, Functions and Benefits of a Business Itself

IN economics, business is an activity of selling goods or services and services to consumers or to other businesses for the purpose of profit or gain.


According to the history and beginnings, business word itself comes from the word “busy” in English, that the word “busy” in the context of an individual, association or society.

Simple business sense is doing busyness or doing activities with the purpose of obtaining profit (profit).


In the world economy, the business itself has characteristics that are divided into 5 parts, are:

  1. For profit or gain
  2. Determine the appropriate price
  3. It would be possible to meet the loss
  4. Directly related to the goods, services or services that meet the needs of human nature; and
  5. Business is lembata, institution, or social and economic organization


Understanding Business Peterson & Plowman (Mr. Business)

Business is a series of activities related to the purchase or sale of goods and services conducted by repeated endlessly (a series of activities related to the sale or purchase of goods and services that are consistently repeated).

According to them, the purchase and sale of goods and services conducted only once is not an understanding of the actual business.

Business benefits

If talk about the business benefits, to be sure that the benefits are real business benefits. Moreover, there are some other things that can be incorporated into business benefits.

  • Benefit or profit
  • The chance to be the boss, either small or big businesses that are run
  • Being able to pay themselves
  • Unbound and can arrange any way you want private time

Moreover, the future could be said to be happy because of your own that govern how your life in the future. The harder, more likely to achieve prosperity.

Business Objectives

Overall, it was very much business objectives. Business establishment is not merely profit-oriented, but when viewed as a whole, the business objectives are:

  • Profit
  • Welfare owners of production factors and consumers
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • The existence of the company in the long term
  • Growth; and
  • Achievement (Prestige)

Although the goal remains leads to income, there are many other goals that can be incorporated into business objectives, which are:

  • prosperous family
  • Make ends meet
  • Want to be known or famous among businessmen
  • Being the successor to a business inherited from her family
  • Trying new things
  • Have their own business, in other words not willing to work with others; and
  • There are still many other reasons


Business functions

Speaking about his own business functions, Steinhoff is known as one of the business experts said that there are three main functions of the business, namely:

  • Looking for raw materials (acquiring raw material)
  • Convert raw materials into finished goods (manufacturing raw materials into product); and
  • Distributing goods which are already finished goods to consumers (distributing product to consumers)

Hopefully the writing of understanding what it is the business, benefits and business objectives are reviewed briefly here useful. Good luck!

Twitter Benefits For Companies

You must already be familiar with online social networking and micro-blogging Twitter that allows users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters.


Currently Twitter has become one of the top ten most visited sites on the Internet, and was dubbed the “short messages from the Internet.”

Until January 2013, there were more than 500 million registered users on Twitter, 200 million are active users. In early 2013, Twitter users send over 340 million tweets per day, and Twitter handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day.

This makes Twitter a position up to second as social networking sites are the most visited in the world.

Based on the data version Sycomos sites, Twitter users from Asian countries reached 7.74% of Twitter users in various parts of the world. The first rank of Twitter users in Asia was occupied by Indonesia at 2:34% with 5.6 million users, followed by Japan 1:47% (3.5 million), India 0.97% (2.3 million) and Malaysia is a country with a number of Twitter users the largest to sixth in the world only records the number users as much as 1.1 million users. Thus, the total of active Twitter users in Asia reached 18.6 million users.

According to analyst agency Semiocast reported TechCrunch, Jakarta accounted for about 2.4% tweet passing. This figure is based on research that examines a sample of 1,058 billion public tweets throughout the month of June 2012.

Indonesia itself is still entrenched in the top five in the rankings per country with an estimated 29.4 million Twitter users. Homeland is under the UK which has 32.2 million users.

This data makes some Marcomm companies see social media , especially Twitter is now not only internet sites only, but has become a public space. Twitter can be one of the digital marketing strategies that can be relied upon. There are millions of people who regularly access it every day.

Slowly but surely, Twitter has become a media company to interact with consumers.

Twitter benefits for companies include:

  1. Public Relations (media official publication) for conveying product information and update news developments
  2. Media marketing to advertise its products
  3. Get feedback and a means of communicating with consumers. Here the company can also do simple market research to find out how the response of customers about your business, products, selling price, feature or product shortages and others.
  4. Networking with other similar companies as well as with suppliers that the company needs
  5. Notifications and space announcements to disseminate information products that sell in the market (bestseller) and a schedule of events that will be held by the company.

Does your company already have an official Twitter account that is actively involved in Twitland? The sooner you decide to plunge into the digital world trend is the better before your competitors realize the benefits of twitter  to develop this company.

This is the advantage Having a Facebook Fanpage For Business, Interested?

Fortunately FB Fanpage For Business

Facebook  or FB is present as one of the bustling social media used by people. Good for personal or business purposes. The use FB to run a business is considered very beneficial because it can embrace the broader market. This is reasonable because FB users spread evenly across the world. Even before FB fanpage is equipped with features such as now, many savvy businessmen use it for online business. While once the feature FB fanpage created, it found a growing number of business people who are interested in making new fanpage on behalf of the business of each brand. True, only one of the features of the FB gives a distinct advantage for the business, including the following:


  • Separating Business and Personal Content

The first advantage makes FB fanpage for facebook login account open your business that you do not have to bother to separate business and personal content.Obviously it will be different when you are using a personal account to do business that often make the information look jumbled.The fanpage brand by creating a business, you can always update the information about the product and does not need to fear mixed with personal life content. Of course this also will allow potential customers to learn more about the brand you offer.

  • Number of Fans Unlimited

Creating a FB fanpage deemed easier for other users simply click like page and does not need to be friends with business accounts created. Remarkably the number of fans is not limited to that means you can have as many fans. Meanwhile, when you create an account usually per account can only be friends with 5,000 people. However, it is actually legitimate to create an account for your business if you want business run more personal. For example you can get closer to the buyer when using the account facebook private.

  • Dapat Ter-index Oleh Search Engine

One of the other advantages that are not less interesting is FB fanpage your business could be indexed by search engines such as Google. Therefore, in this way, including a surefire way to introduce your brand more widely. So that the buyer will have easier access to information about the brand you offer.

  • Free Tag

Fortunately make FB fanpage next business buyers can freely pulled-tag posts that you uploaded on your page. Thus, friends of other FB users can find the information that you upload. You could say it is becoming advertise for free access for businessmen. In addition, there are also features express check-in. This feature allows users of  Facebook  other brand to tag your own fanpage when they will check in at a particular location.

  • Shown at Newsfeed Buyer

Every post you uploaded on the page is displayed on the newsfeed. In this case the buyer simply click like in order to get the latest info about your brand every day. This is often called a newsfeed marketing is nothing but a product of the brand marketing business via newsfeed buyers who is none other than fans of the page  Facebook  already made. Quite interesting is not.

  • Professional effects

Businessman who has a fanpage tend to look more professional. Especially if fanpage managed slick business and routinely provide the latest information on products sold. Surely it would be interesting if the fanpage on  Facebook  you always invite the buyer to interact actively. For example, by actively open discussions about the quality of products that have been marketed, asked about the criticism and suggestions, or the like. So that the buyer will feel their opinion is important and necessary.

That some advantages make FB fanpage for your business purposes. Certainly does not hurt if you also want to create a personal account in order to offer a product that is sold to the free market. Surely by having an account fanpage and  Facebook  at the same time there will be more profits. Only when you do everything yourself might be considered a bit of a hassle. So could you hire employees to work shift to help manage your online business in social media FB. A few reviews this time. Hopefully gives interesting and useful reviews.