Browse Come! Places Gili Trawangan in Lombok

Gili Trawangan travel . Hi searchers, now we searched the island in the eastern part of the island of Bali. hayoo who knows the name of this island?This yes Lombok island its name, now we will discuss ya beach tourism on the island of Lombok this.We heading to the Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili island group located in the northwest of Lombok. This island has the most visitors crowded compared 3. island dyke which has a population of 800 inhabitants. The island became famous in the 1980s when a group of backpaker find beautiful island. In this gili getaway island no motorized vehicles, so it is free of pollution 🙂activities in Gili Trawangan favorite is diving, snorkeling, surfing and lain2 associated with water play. hehe


Here it is excess ya dyke trawangan compared to other beaches, here we can enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the same time on this beach! This happens because of Gili Trawangan has a beach facing east and overlooking the west, and the distance is not too far away. Both sunrise and sunset so that we can enjoy at the beach ini. transportation here only bicycles and cidomo chariot simple. while to travel to the surrounding dyke residents usually use motorized boats and Gili Trawangan Lombok speedboat.di we can also see the traditional martial art called Presean or stick fighting art market usually shown around Gili Trawangan. nah lot to see in the tourist spots in Lombok Gili Trawanganthis🙂

History of Lombok’s Gili Trawangan Formerly the island was used as a dumping ground of the inmates. because at that time all the prisons were full, a king who was ruling throwing 350 people rebel Sasak to this island. Only about 1970 residents visited the island of Sulawesi, who later settled here.

Some of the reasons you should visit the tourist attractions Gili Trawangan in Lombok

1. roasting amazing underwater

you need to worry about come all the way here, Gili Trawangan, Lombok has underwater scenery is very beautiful and amazing. Seawater was still clear again, if you ride a boat, then you can immediately see the fish and coral reefs without having diving. wih from the boat beautiful , if you want to maximize the view of the underwater world that is beautiful, you can diving. oya ocean currents here are also quiet anyway so you can enjoy the relaxing underwater gili Trawangan incredible.

2. there is no pollution from motor vehicles

nah ya dyke excellence trawangan compared other islands in indonesia. motor operates strictly forbidden here. In exchange, means of transport used are bicycles and cidomo. Cidomo is a kind of horse-drawn carriages Lombok, NTB.

3. enjoy the Sunset and Sunrise

Gili Trawangan has a beach facing west and east. The distance between the beach is not too far away. Enough walking or riding cidomo, tourists can enjoy the sunset and sunrise in the island. here you can capture the precious moment to take pictures while sitting.

4. Close to three other islands

Gili Trawangan is included in Gili Indah village in West Lombok. The island is flanked by two other dyke, namely Gili Air and Gili Meno. Vacationing in Gili Trawangan, you can also enjoy the beauty of the two other dyke.

Quite by boat about 15 minutes, you can pay a visit to Gili Air and Gili Meno crossed again. Typically, tourists who come to these two dyke, spend time enjoying the underwater world. Admittedly, the underwater nature Air and Gili Meno is not less beautiful as the one on Gili Trawangan.

5. Friendly Society

well here In addition to underwater natural clean, the population here is very friendly. you not need to feel lost because you can ask communities there. sure you are helped to find where we are going.

6. Nightlife in Central

This can not miss when traveling to Gili Trawangan. enjoy the evening in the central with frenetic music in the lined bar that will make your evening the central fun. art market in Gili Trawangan, here starting crowded when the sun began to set up rise. the place sun like a road overlooking the beach Gili Trawangan with shops and bars in side. time the right to come here is at 21:00 pm because all the shops and bars are already open.

7. The accommodation is adequate

be afraid about lodging in Gili Trawangan, because there are many inns that you can select the appropriate budget. From cheap to expensive there all here. stay high selectivity wrote.

Enchantment 3 Gili Islands in Lombok

Currently, Lombok became a much sought after holiday destination by travelers. Where the natural beauty of the beaches are extremely especially gives superb views. So the views of the beaches are not inferior to the existing beaches on the island of Bali. What’s more famous Lombok gili 3 presenting a panorama of the sea that are so endearing.


The three islands are Gili Trawangan , Gili Meno and Gili Air , each island has white sandy beaches, bali to gili island the sea water is very clear and stunning scenery.

To take each island takes 30-45 minutes using a common vessel. The three Gili islands have different characteristics, you can determine which vacation spots on the island of Gili Lombok that suits you.


Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan is the most visited island once the furthest and the largest among the three Gili islands. If you like the party atmosphere and frenetic music, the island of Gili Trawangan is suitable for you

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is located between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, in contrast to this island of Gili Trawangan in cars and motorcycles is prohibited to provide quiet peaceful atmosphere is perfect for those who want to enjoy the holiday without the noise of motor vehicles.

Gili Air

Three Gili islands in Lombok Barat each have different characteristics, Gili water is one of the three Gili Island has a population of at most, you will be greeted by the hospitality of the locals.

Transport and Accommodation

There are a variety of transportation options to get to the island of Gili Gili, you can use a common boat, ferry or speed boat from Bangsal harbor.But if you want a practical you can use the travel service that provides travel packages to Gili Gili or Lombok. Although the location was in the Middle of the Sea, to the affairs of the stomach and lodging do not worry, have provided a lot of hotels, resorts and restaurants on the island of Gili Gili.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan Island is often called the island of Lembongan, a small island that has a park in Badung Strait to the southeast of the island of Bali. The distance is about 10 kilometers from the tourist attractions of Sanur . Bali Lembongan Island, close to the island of Nusa Penida ,


Klungkung regency, district located in scoot fast cruises the eastern part of the island of Bali is the administrative owner of Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan island community, to have a profession livelihood as farmers seaweed, as a hotel employee, fishing and trade.


Lembongan Island, because it has so much natural beauty unspoiled so there will be plenty of interesting places to visit while in the island of Lembongan. Existing tourist attractions such as natural caves and sea cliffs. Not only on the island of Bali, Lembongan island also has many famous beaches like is Dream Beach and Sunset Beach along the central coast beach seaweed called Lebaoh.


Nusa Lembongan Bali – Paradise Tourism Diving and Snorkeling

Just as in the sights of Bali else, the island also has a hotel for your stay, To go to the island of Lembongan, you can use the services of Bali Cruise, such as Nusa Lembongan Transfer Bounty Cruise Bali and Bali Hai Cruise . Both the cruise Bali provider, offers vacation packages to Lembongan island. See here, tips speed boat ride .

Nowadays the tourists are having to travel to Lemobngan trend by buying a package Bali Cruise. In addition to providing cruise to Lembongan island, in the cruise package also provided a wide range of activities Bali watersport like Snorkeling, Banana Boat Rides, Flying Fish, Diving, Jet Ski. So we can say, this island is the best place to travel such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and island trekking.

If you want to get around on the island of Lembongan, to enjoy the rustic feel, you can use the motorcycles that you can rent. In this area many motorcycle rental service provider that you can rent at a price of Rp 50 thousand for 6 hours.

The car is still very limited there on the island, you will very rarely see a private car. During Lembongan travel around in the area, you will see a quiet and cozy atmosphere, the homes of people living in this area is still very simple.

Gili Trawangan Lombok

If you like to travel the small island, the island of Gili Trawangan Lombok one of the island that you should visit. Today the island of Gili Trawangan really enjoy doing by foreign tourists when they holiday in Bali. Easy access from island to island of Gili Trawangan Lombok, making tourists always took a vacation to Gili Trawangan while on holiday in Bali.

Gili Gili fast boat is the best way to Gili Trawangan on the island of Bali. Today many service providers Gili Gili fast boat on the island of Bali. Using a fast boat, the travel time from the port of Padang Bai to the Gili Trawangan only takes 1.5 hours.

One provider of Gili Gili fast boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan is Wahana Gili Ocean , the company is one of the best-selling in Bali, because the price offered is still in the affordable category.

5 sites which must be visited in Lombok

Travelers , you’re making a list of five sites in Lombok that must really be visited?It is tricky to decide yes, but because of Lombok has known natural attractions, the destinations that you can find most of the coast is nuanced.

But not all beach anyway because five places that must be visited in Lombok there is also a drain on adrenaline and it fits really for you who like to explore nature Indonesia. Therefore, this time gili cat schedule would love recommendations about 5 places that must be visited in Lombok to fill your vacation. Check out one by one, yuk.

Pantai Kuta Lombok


Senggigi Beach Lombok become an icon and coming here means travelers the opportunity to enjoy two tourist destinations at once. How could that be? Of course, travelers because the beach is included in the list of five places that must be visited in Lombok has many privileges. The first of course beautiful beaches nuances that make amazed local and foreign tourists. Rows of palm trees add shade, as well as sea water and clear blue water sport lovers invited to come for a swim, or snorkeling and diving.

And the second is the presence of Pura Batu Bolong, located on the lip of Senggigi Beach. So , it is not surprising that the beach is included in the five places that must be visited in Lombok. Temple is dedicated to worship for Hindus is still actively used and often used for religious ceremonies. This is why Pura Batu Bolong into a spot that must be visited at Senggigi Beach because music is a natural form of waves and wind further adds to the ambience of religion.

The most awaited travelers when it comes to the moment of course Senggigi Beach sunset in the afternoon. With a background sky golden yellow, Pura Batu Bolong protruding in the middle of the beach, as well as sea water sparkle change color further enhance photo shots. You will feel comfortable spending time in day at Senggigi Beach is entered in five places that must be visited in Lombok.

Gili Trawangan is also the fifth place that must be visited in Lombok. You could say that Lombok is identical to Gili Trawangan. That’s what travelers are believed to be planning a vacation to Lombok. Its popularity is often reviews a lot of people make tourists curious about the beauty and atmosphere of the beach that is so typical here.

The sea water is so clear, with a blend of turquoise on the shoreline and navy off the coast make travelers interested in exploring the underwater world with snorkeling and diving . Underwater current that is fairly quiet would be good news because it means you can enjoy long underwater inhabitants. You also do not need to bother thinking water sports equipment such as in this place has a lot of supply of equipment for snorkeling and diving .

The atmosphere in Gili Trawangan is entered in five places that must be visited in Lombok also already quite crowded as in Bali. This is evidenced by the number of foreign tourist and mingle with the local community. If you just want to relax, you simply lounging on the white sand is very soft on the beach while enjoying the beach breeze is quite soothing, or cycling around the island.Atmosphere of calm increasingly felt in the afternoon when the pine trees, palm and acacia keep the beaches come to give shade.

  1. Gili Nanggu

If you had already come to Gili Trawangan, there is another 5 must-see tourist spot in Lombok with nuances that are still very natural , namely Gili Nanggu. This dyke is very different with Gili Trawangan because the atmosphere is still very quiet deserted. But for this reason that the travelers sought more exclusive because it can no longer enjoy a beautiful beach that is still spreading tranquility and comfort.

Gem pretty typical white sand beach as well as a sea of soft textured bluish clear silhouette more and make travelers feel at home and are happy to spend time in the fifth place that must be visited in Lombok. If you like snorkeling and diving , Gili Nanggu also perfect for you because this place has a few spots diving with underwater views spectacular. Colorful fish, coral and pretty, and coral reefs that are still preserved well enough to make the heart glad when diving.

For problems with facilities, you also do not need to panic because the accommodation on the island is quite adequate with jogging tracks , livery snorkeling and diving , as well as a vehicle for watersport. And finally, do not miss a moment of sunset were always waiting for tourists because the opportunity to immortalize it in the camera makes you always remembered and wanted to go back to Gili Nanggu.

  1. Mount Rinjani

Travelers , if you include the true climbers, the course will include the Mount Rinjani while on vacation to Lombok. True, the mountain with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level is indeed becoming one of the five places that must be visited in Lombok. Not only the local climbers who conquered Mount Rinjani curious, but the mountain is also already a natural tourist destinations are often used as a place to spend time for foreign tourists.

Even if high enough, this condition is not discouraged because the climbers at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, you will find the main attraction Mount Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake. This lake is actually the crater lake of Mount Rinjani with bluish water color very similar to the blue color of sea water. Spot is often used as a place to set up camp for the climbers when climbing up or down because it has a stunning panorama.

The combination of Gunung Rinjani gallant stand with Segara Anak Lake make this place worthy entry in fifth place that must be visited in Lombok, because in one destination travelers can enjoy two sites at once. Of altitude, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful city of Lombok and its shades of green that surrounds Mount Rinjani.

  1. Village Sukarara

One of five places that must be visited in Lombok is Sukarara Village. Maybe you wonder huh travelers why should you come to this village. Of course travelers, you yourselves know, right when Lombok is also famous with woven fabric products.Well this is where you can find a wide variety of style, color, size, and pattern of traditional cloth weaving the pretty ones.

Because of the popularity, Village Sukarara often referred to travelers abroad who want a typical product of Lombok, or just learn traditional weaving. The village is located in the district Jonggot, Central Lombok. It would be much easier and more convenient if you rent a bike or car. The main commodities owned course songket which was already marketed up to abroad.

Because handmade , songket woven fabric made from threads of colorful and sometimes decorated with shells and beads also more expensive, ranging between Rp 100,000 * – 2.5 million * depending on the materials and ornaments are added. So , you must set aside bought it first before ya travelers due to unfortunate if vacation there and not brought songket Lombok.