Tips on choosing ceramic tiles for floors, kitchen, and Bathroom

Tips on choosing ceramic tiles for floor, a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace for the home. The latest info that we’ll review tips about building a House this time presenting tips tricks and advice on choosing ceramic tile floor/wall for use in the kitchen or your bathroom.

Black White Flooring for Modern Homes

Often when we want to build a new house or renovate the confusion in choosing ceramic tile size, whether it’s, kind of ceramics, ceramic brand, and also the best ceramic models suitable for Linoleum Flooring use in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or on the floor of the House. Well, here we will try to present some tips on choosing ceramic tiles for you who happened to be the confusion of choosing ceramic tiles for your home. Just you watch the full information for tips on choosing ceramic tiles for floors, kitchen, and bathroom which we present below.

Tips On Choosing Ceramic Tile:

1. Choose a ceramic tile that suits your budget and Needs

A large number of variants and models price ceramics market make you must jelly in choosing ceramics. Do you want to choose a cheap ceramic/cheapest yet high-quality or want to buy expensive ceramic in accordance with your wishes?

2. Select the Ceramic has a size of The Tonality & Dama To one room

Tips on choosing the second ceramic it is important for you to do in order to get a room design that sweet and lovely views. Customize colors and also the size of the tiles that you use in one room, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

3. After-sales or Warranty Service

It is also necessary to anticipate if you notice we get disabled. Ask the seller if there is a store that you want to buy ceramic tile has after-sales service/warranty.


4. Color and size

You have to be smart to adjust the size of the ceramic floor with a room of the House, you need to know, the larger the size of a room, it will make the room look becomes more widespread. Do not miss also the color for selection, if your room less incoming sunlight, the bright color choice becomes the best alternative, nor vice versa. Tips on choosing ceramic third you need to apply to all rooms of the home, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, family room and also in order to obtain maximum results as you wish.

5. The selection of the floor surface

You need to know, Glaser on tiled floors have several models and types, such as glossy (shiny), satin, matte or textured. the thing that distinguishes whether slippery tiled floors. If on bathroom and kitchen for instance, as much as possible please choose ceramic that has uneven so that texture are not slippery when you use it for activities.

5 tips on choosing such a nice and ceramic quality for you. Hopefully, with our article from about tips on choosing ceramic tiles for floors, kitchen, and bathroom this can provide benefits to you especially who are looking for the best ceramic confusion for your new home.

Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?

I often get questions about tips on choosing a mirrorless camera, whether it be in person, by mail, via the blog comments, or through social media about the mirrorless camera brand is the best. “Samsung camera with Fuji nicer Where?” “Fuji Camera with Sony The Best Where?” “X mirrorless camera with picture better outcome Y brand where the hell?”. “Mirrorless cameras suitable for beginners what?”. Almost all questions to compare one brand with other brands.


I am happy to answer them one by one so they do not waste time there googling googling here, there asked a question here, in the end to buy a camera that is from the beginning has been targeted. Not convinced, then compare it beforehand with the other brands. Some of the following are my answers to the questions above:

1. I am not the type of person who likes mutually camera.

I’m the type of person who faithfully hold one brand of camera. Normally, I replace the old new camera because the camera was broken. I also sometimes buy a new camera because the camera has a specific function, such as underwater cameras. I realized that once I am also looking for the best brand of camera for this one reason: need to buy the most perfect camera with the most affordable price!

After I read the reviews here and there I finally decided to buy the Samsung NX500. Why? The reason I wrote full review Samsung NX500 is * click *. But after having the NX500 camera, my opinion began to change to number 2.

2. Instead of busy thinking about the best mirrorless camera brand, it is better to think about the best camera lens.

After having mirrorless cameras, of course I join an online photography forum dong. Well, from there my photos from photographers with a variety of brands of cameras and lenses.

Whenever you see a nice photo, the suspect must always lenses with good quality are expensive. Then I stared at the camera Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera according to experts is the best-in-class APS-C. The picture is nice and all, but less satisfactory when compared with a camera with a lens that is good and expensive.

People have always complimented the great Fuji photo, photographs of Sony color is less than satisfactory, and so forth. Once I saw myself, many are photographs of Sony’s great. Similarly, results of Fuji photo too much ugly. Depending on the camera lens used. The more good lens, the more the images produced is also nice. Kan is the lens that captures light, not the body of the camera.

Then I saw some photos belonging to photographers who use expensive cameras with lens brands are expensive, but the picture ‘so doang’. My opinion was changed to No. 3.

3. It’s the man behind the gun.

Many photos on Instagram using the iphone camera but the results are astounding. Can likes her much anyway. However, many also use an expensive camera + lens super expensive but the results are mediocre.

I also had its own really. My photographs are using the Canon SX260 (spring pocket spring prosumer cameras) whose specifications jauuuuuh worse than NX 500 often gets more likes than the photos of the NX500. Well lo.

There are some skills that must be mastered by a photographer. The ability to take the right angle photo makes the images more attractive. The ability to direct pose fotomodel can also make the images become more dramatic. In addition, the ability of the photographic standards also must be known if you want to learn pornography .. er, I mean photography, such as camera settings in low light, the combination of ISO + + Aperture Shutter Speed, and so forth. There are many more photography skill you can master. There must master all these skills at a time anyway. Learn slowly, increase exercise, do with enjoy, undoubtedly … Uhm, you undoubtedly feel enjoy.

The right moments can also make your photos into cool. The right moment can be found, for example, photographing milky way had to find a very dark place, spotting planes must wait for a plane take off or landing, find out when the natural phenomena such as eclipses of the sun and blood moon occurs, and moments of another in a predictable beforehand. The right moment can also happen because of luck. The formula luck how? Easy. Besides finding a location which is indeed the probability of that moment is large, also with a lot perpetual charity.

How to Get the legendary cards in Clash Royale

Endlessly we discuss strategy game made in this Supercell. Surely you already know the game is popular enough to play in this smartphone, yes Clash Royale name. Game with millions of players have predicted will continue to grow and becomes a competitor COC.


Gameplay is practically easy bother making the player linger play this strategy game. Players are only required to create or compile a strategy to devise a series of forces in real-time.

Each card has a number of different elixir as well as COC. The higher the elixir on a character, certainly can complicate the ability of the enemy. But it all depends on how we use the card with effective or not.

In this game the player is required in order to raise the trophy or trophies that can rise to a higher arena. Each arena has a minimum number of requirements that have been set. The advantage that you can get when you’ve reached a high arena will get a new code or card get clash royale cards

There are the types of cards you can find in the future, among them are common cards, rare card, epic card, and legendary card. These types of cards are the most in the desire by clasher is legendary card. Very special card is only available in the arena arena 4 to 8. Each arena has some legendary card card.

Why legendary card type cards is very difficult to obtain? Because this card is a card type with the highest level in the game Clash Royale. And the types of cards easily available is common card. Actually, to get this legendary card practically difficult-been easy. So the player who gets the card arguably legendary easily profit.

For the player to get a legendary card for free, so you could say he was very lucky. Because many of the clasher are willing to spend millions to tens of millions to buy gems in order to get the card favortinya legendary.

Tips will be given later not one hundred percent successful. But it would not hurt you to practice immediately. Because of the previous tips have admin YaTekno try and managed to get a card for free Legendary Miner via free chest in the arena 7. Lucky again after that also get a card from the crown chest Golem Epic

Download Best Mod GTA V Liberty Awesome

Since GTA 5 PC version released last year, GTA 4 is already flooded over hundreds of mod that has been made by the modder, indeed, the author confused to find a mod that very change in terms of gameplay 180 ‘changed, many mod released by the modders to date this, ranging from mod shaders, graphic air-small scale until a thorough, cars, motorcycles, and much more. With this mod, at least make the city of Los Santos is the park “play” the most fun, whimsical, silly, and, of course? dangerous.

At the end of the article, the author will tell you, what is needed in order to mod on the author under the working alias work, need to be reminded to you, this article was created on 21 September 2016, later the author will update again article with mod-mod author assumes cried, so, check the continued development of modnya in this article (or bookmark). \

Attention before the start: Rockstar Games as the developer claimed clarification about modifying the game, stating that the player will not be banned as long as they modify the single-player mode. However, do not se-all! GTA Online play with the mod installed, want whatever it is installed as Graphic, cars, etc. do not really advisable to play GTA 5 with mod installed !. Mod authors have been tried all the suggestions here, there are some who can not be installed because of the low FPS reason, so, if you are strong to run the mod suggested, lucky you. If not? authors will someday seek a special mod for the low-end PC.

GTA V: Liberty City

This mod is a result of the Conversion (portingan) of GTA IV, need to be reminded !, do not see from the title of this mod, because what you see is not as you imagine, not a pedestrian, passing vehicles, police, let alone a robber. But there are things that you can get with this mod, feel loneliness as vague as mod around the building, and maybe you guys in mind the thought cool”. Download here determines what mods gta 5 money generator
Note: The author is currently coming to this place, feel the lag pretty badly (even crashes) because the creator is not to optimize the number of objects that are ported, aka, the objects are arranged to form the statue of liberty is not perfect and it very much, you can be sure her PC with strong handles..

Some time ago, GTA 5 is already released mod dragon, but only just and rudimentary script, with these imperfections, the modder Julio NIB made mod called Dragons V. Making it the most greget modders. With this mod, you can do activities such as Naga, exhale air-!, fire fly, wild like a dragon from another world, to throw people into the air. Before you take action dragon, make sure you have the model of the dragon, you can download skyrim dragon version here or the great dragon here (writer happier great dragon version)

Tips on Buying a Bike for the Bike Leisure Sport

While cycling hobby started favored by many, can not deny that it is able to bring our desire to try to dive into the hobby and feel the benefits of cycling, for our health, of course. Especially for those who were once nothing like the hobby of cycling. For beginners who want to buy a bike, there are a variety of bikes offered in the market. Starting from the type, brand, and price also varies around $100- $300. Of course you can find a bike that is cheaper but the word “cheaper” you must have noticed, whether low-quality? There are hundreds of mountain bike with the price of $300, mountain bikes may be in excess of what you need unless you ready love this sport.



The first thing you should consider before shopping is a mountain bike what you need ?? Do you plan on biking to off-road terrain exclusively? Whether for communion to work or to school? Or a mixture of both? And it is important too, how often you will be driving it. If you are looking for a mountain bike for off-road use, but have not been driving in off-road, try to borrow a bicycle to become your friend and ask offroad terrain which suits beginners like you. Cycling in offroad terrain is very different from the cycling on the road. Next, multiply read mountain bike magazines, browsing the Internet or had joined the bicycle community forum. Reading is an excellent start.

*) How Much Money That You Want to Spend
Decide how much money you want to spend is a difficult decision. As a general rule, the more money you want to spend the better bike that you will get. The major difference between a mountain bike worth Rp.1000.000 with the Rp.3000.000 are components (eg, shifter, derailleur, brake). The more expensive the better durability (unless you start buying high-end components are usually very mild so will reduce durability). Most beginners buy a bike from the low end first, will upgrade the components required. There is also thought to buying a bike with the best components you can afford, the reason would be more cost-effective than upgrading its later days.

*) Reflects Good Dealer Bicycles That Good
When you visit the store, the important thing is to find a seller understand the bike and you feel comfortable talking to him. Ask him if there are words that are less understood. Try to love the questions to those that you already know the answer and wait for the answer. If the answer is not satisfactory, try to find someone else to help you. Also ask what he wears a bicycle. If people are asked not to wear a mountain bike, you should look for another one. Good seller will listen to whatever you need and help you find a bike that suits you. Visit to several bike shops. Each store has different options and models of its bicycles. Store quality is also important. In the store you buy should be responsible for all the assemblies. Assembled bad will make uncomfortable when driving. Make sure you feel comfortable with the skills of its staff. You want a store that is convenient to carry your bike serviced at a later date.

*) Bicycle Right
Try to ride some kinds of bikes from the low end of your budget and the high end. Feel the difference. Try also to differences in the components to find the best one that you feel. Great store has several options and has a size suitable for the try. When you try it on the ground is quite roomy, try also on grass, asphalt and soil. Feel comfortable feeling when a try. Bicycle Dealers usually allow you to try the bike around 5-10 menit.Hal which is important when you try and buy a bike is the right size for you. For mountain bikes, at a lack of 2 inches from the top tube when you stand in the middle. You make sure the height of the seat distance. Your leg should be almost straight when sitting and your feet on the pedal at the lowest level. There are two ways to measure the size of the bike bars. One, from the middle of the bottom bracket to the middle of the seat tube. Two, from the middle of the bottom bracket to the middle of the top tube. Benchmark size bike is very diverse from the manufacturer. So try in advance and find out which is appropriate to the size anda.Cobalah ride on terrain that has asphalt, grass, soil etc. If you think you’ve found a bike that fits you, try a few more times. Make sure the drive with a sense of comfort, transfer teeth were appropriate and brake wear

Seaweed benefits for health

Sea grass is one type of seafood which is very nutritious for the health of the body. In addition can be used as an assortment of refined products, seaweed also offers a fairly high protein content. All types of seaweed as Bladderwrack, Dulse, Kombu, Sea Lottuse and Nori in mind is very beneficial for health.

In Indonesia, the seaweed now have started a serious , considering the market demand within and outside the country. In addition, the waters in the region of Indonesia is indeed very broad as well as a suitable climate supported so that potential for cultivating this type of algae. In our own country, seaweed is usually processed into several types of foods, such as chips, seaweed mixed fruit ice, dodol seaweed and so on.


Well, this time the will discuss some of the benefits of seaweed that You may not know about. Want to know? Here are some of the benefits of seaweed for health.

The nutrition content of seaweed and Improved

1. source of vitamin-rich

Seaweed known as super healthy food for a reason. These foods contain a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine and vitamin B12. Seaweed is rich in this vitamin because it has experienced a mineralized in sea water. In fact, this super food is also believed to have more calcium than broccoli, beef and milk. Wonderful isn’t it? Therefore, if you are looking for a food product that can meet all of Your nutritional needs, konsumsilah seaweed.

2. Regulate the thyroid and other hormonal functions

Another benefit of seaweed that is able to preserve the health of the thyroid. Why? The reason is because seaweed contains iodine. The thyroid plays an important role in cell metabolism and physiological functions of the body. In the absence of iodine, the body cannot synthesize hormones produced by the thyroid gland. This is the reason why many people are now starting to switch to seaweed to replace salt.

Blue; font-family: inherit; ” > 3. A rich source of fiber
Seaweed is rich in soluble fiber. If consumed, the seaweed will turn into gel and aid digestion in the body. With the functions slow down digestion, seaweed are useful for preventing the absorption of cholesterol from the body and the excess sugar. In addition, the fibers are present in seaweed also helps in enhancing the good bacteria in the stomach which further helps the digestion process and the strengthening of the abdominal wall.

4. Weight loss

Seaweed proved to have no calories and fat. One serving of seaweed contain 5 to 20 calories. In addition, the presence of iodine in seaweed also ensures that the thyroid gland regulates the metabolism of the body so well that keep weight balanced (read also: how to lose weight). In fact, the minerals are present in seaweed function in break down the fat cells in the body. Other benefits i.e. can prevent the growth of cellulite in the body.

5. cancer Protection

Seaweed is rich in anti-oxidants are effective in driving out the cancerous growth that causes free radicals in the body. This is a great anti-oxidant compounds called Lignans. These compounds are known to work to slow the growth of tumors as well as help in sending cancer cells out of the body through the bloodstream. Seaweed is also known to have properties that prevent estrogen-related cancer. Research suggests that seaweed may prevent colon cancer because it is rich in folic acid. Read also the article about cancer: how to prevent cancer

6. Detoxifies the body

Seaweed can be an excellent antidote to the modern lifestyle that can protect you from various toxins originating from internal as well as the surrounding environment. In addition, the seaweed has the ability to change the toxic environment created by pollution became a simple salt body-friendly. In fact, the seaweed is rich in chlorophyll which helps to Detox the body internally.

Well, that last few benefits of seaweed for health. Therefore, you should not hesitate anymore to consume seaweed per day. Lucky for those of us who live in Indonesia because it could come across this super food easily. May be useful.

How Frugal Vacation Tours to Lombok

Bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express ,Lombok travel guide with tips for the holidays and save money-Hello Traveler, this one has a natural tourism objects are no less beautiful with Bali. Gili Trawangan, Senggigi Beach, and Gili Nanggu are some location a favorite traveler currently has a natural charm that is very interesting to visit. For those of you who will be planning a frugal vacation to Lombok, here some information that can help you.


1. The exact time of the holiday to the island
Recommended if we wanted to visit Lombok not to vacation during the holidays and on weekends. At the moment the Inn is usually already full and transportation will be difficult to find. In addition on holidays and weekends are typically a plane ticket to the island it will cost more, plus we could not enjoy the beauty of Lombok’s tourism with its object satisfied because many visitors.

Sightseeing in lombok sasak village

2. the Lombok tourist attractions
Lombok has an interesting sights to visit, ranging from the National Park of Mount Rinjani to Gili Trawangan. Here are some favorite places the traveler that we can visit:

East Lombok Tourist Attractions
Ekas Beach
Beach Paradise
Beach Kaliantan
Cape Bloam
Tanjung Ringgit
Tanjung Perak danTanjung China
Gili Sunut
Gili Gili or Bagek Kondo
Gili Sulat
Gili Lawang
The Green Valley
The view from the Sembalun regions
Waterfall Aiq Temer
Tete Batu
Brain Kokoq

West Lombok Tourist Attractions:
Senggigi Beach
Beach Mekaki
Bangko Bangko – Beach
Deserted Beach

The Small Islands Of Lombok West:
Gili Gede
Gili Poh
Gili Ejection
Gili Nanggu
Gili Rengit
Gili Sudak
Gili Tangkong
Gili Screen
Gili Asahan
Gili Genting
Gili Goleng
Gili Nanggu
Stone Pistil Sekotong
Sesaot Forest
Grave Stone Screens
Pura Batu Bolong
Praba Waterfall

Central Lombok Tourist Attractions:
Gerupuk Beach
Awang Beach
The Beach An
The Beach So
Kuta Beach
Mawi Beach
Beach Tomang
The Beaches Are Pillow Case
Beach Pengatap
Mawun Beach
Yarn Stokel
Twine Netting
Aik Bukak
Selong Mullet
Torok Aik Belek
Goa Bengkang
Goa Pengembur
Mount Rinjani
Rijan Stone
The Hamlet Of Sade
The Hamlet Of Nde
Pottery Penujak,
Traditional Weaving Crafts Sukarare
Rattan woven crafts or Ketak Beleke
Agro Sekedek citrus cultivation

North Lombok Tourist Attractions:
Crazy Spring Waterfall
Waterfall Tiu Kelep
Gangga Waterfall

3. Budget accommodation
In order to save vacation to Lombok we can choose lodging in Mataram Mataram in town because there is a budget accommodation although there are some it lies quite a distance from the object. Tariffs b & BS, homestay ranged between 60,000-90,000 per night. For those wishing to stay in the area of Gili Trawangan, the following list of homestays and inns are on Gili Trawangan:

4. Transportation
When we just vacation in Bali we can directly go to drive from Ubung terminal. If the Terminal of Mengwi search blue minibus to drive from Ubung Terminal costs about 8 thousand then drive from Ubung terminal in search of public transport heading to Padang Bai cost around 15 thousand while the ticket costs for crossing Ferry to Sheet Harbour to mature 44 thousand to 29 thousand children and attended approximately 4-5 hours because of keep-keep the anti nausea medicine , after arriving in the port of Sheets we can ride public transport to the Gili Trawangan cost around 15 thousand.

To save costs, rent a motorcycle is the right choice because it is more efficient and cost-efficient compared to renting a car. To rent a car we have to spend hundreds of thousands of funds, whereas if we pay enough rent a motorcycle around Rp. 50,000 only. Around the city of Mataram was able to meet many motorcycle rental. Whereas in Gili motor vehicles should not be so tool transportation rent a bike if nga eh wears a cidomo (a typical vehicle such as gig)

When we vacation to visit recreational areas in coastal areas be sure to always wear sunblock in order that our skin does not burn because of the hot sun on the beach. The island has a stunning white sandy beach. Almost any traveler who visited to enjoy the beaches.

Unlike the majority of the population of Bali’s Hindus whereas the majority of the Muslim population of Lombok, for that is what we should always dress a polite to appreciate the local culture.
Enjoy sightseeing in Lombok, may refresh tired mind after months of work.

Traveling Tips To Save Japan

For a traveler, travel to Japan is just a dream. The high cost of living in Japan, which is about 10 thousand yen, or about 1 million per day, make no little traveler who thought better to go to Japan. However, by reading and following a few tips from, you might just be a vacation to Japan without spending too much money.




1. Flight Tickets

Many international travelers entering Japan via Narita Airport (NRT), Tokyo Haneda (HND), or Kansai Airport (KIX) in Osaka. Though come to Japan through airport or Osaka Itami Airport (ITM) can give you a cheaper price. In general, round-trip ticket to Japan from Indonesia ranges from Rp 6,000,000 to Rp 8.000.000.Tetapi if any promo, ticket prices can be cut by half.

Haru (spring, in May-June) and Natsu (summer months of July to September) is a favorite time for tourists to vacation in Japan because the weather is comfortable and the cherry blossoms begin to bloom. Therefore the ticket in these months tend to be more expensive than the Fuyu (winter months from December to February). You want to fly with the cheapest ticket you should choose to leave during the winter. Do not be discouraged, because there are quite a lot of tourist attractions in Japan enjoyed more beautiful when the snow.

Plan your trip ahead of time. Replace “Price Alert” for the flight you want from Skyscanner Flight App so you can know when the price drops and you can buy your plane ticket to go to Japan.

Find out more about Skyscanner Price Alert in here .

Find cheap tickets to Japan


2. Transportation inside and between cities

Traveling around Japan should not be a problem because Japan has one of the best transportation systems in the world. But on the other hand, the cost of transportation in Japan as very expensive. As a return trip by shinkansen can range between 12000-40000 yen, or about Rp 1,300,000 to Rp 5,000,000. But not to worry, because the Japanese still have other transportation means that you can use. There is a local train, bus, taxi, or rental car that can take you around Japan.


One of the best ways to get around Japan is the Japan Railway Pass (JR Pass). You can use this card to get around without limit in Japan for 7, 14, 21 days on the Japanese railway lines, including the Shinkansen. For example, the price of a return ticket Tokyo to Osaka is 29,000 yen, while JR Pass for 7 days worth 29 110 yen. More efficient, is not it? Therefore, if you intend to surround the whole of Japan, you should buy JR Pass. Meanwhile, if you just want to surround one specific region in Japan, then you can buy the regional pass that work similarly to JR Pass but only valid in the course of your choice.

In addition to JR Pass is valid for 7 days, there is also a daily season ticket called “Tokyo Free kippu” worth 1,580 yen and 5-day season ticket called “Seishun 18 kippu” for 11 580 yen, or about USD 1.5 million alone. With this season ticket, you can surround the entire local train service in Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Meanwhile, for travel between cities, you should use a local train or bus the night because it is more affordable. Then when walking around in the city, bus or train can be a convenient option, depending on which city you are touring. Every city in Japan has its flagship transport equipment respectively. So, find out in advance about your destination and find the best transportation options to get around there. Few tips, avoid riding a taxi in Japan because the door open price is 710 yen (about USD 75,000).

Another trick that you can apply to save costs is to arrange your travel plans carefully and within the budget available. Japanese consists of two large islands. We encourage you to determine which destinations you want to jump. Do not ambitious in determining the destination. You have not roam with all of Japan will, there is always a reason to come back to Japan, is not it?


3. Accommodation

After the plane tickets and transportation, is the next most expensive cost of accommodation or lodging. Given that the cost of transportation in Japan is quite expensive, so it’s good that you are looking for accommodation close to the city center or attractions you want to visit. You do not have to worry as cheap hostels could still meet. As in Tokyo, you can still find a hostel with a price range of 2,000 yen or around Rp 230,000 / night in Shinjuku and Shibuya.


4. Food

The cost of eating in Japan is actually quite normal and you can still find a good meal at an affordable price. Japan is famous for a variety of convenient store (convenience store). The variety of food was available there, ranging from onigiri, salad, until bento, and it is not inferior to that existing in the restaurant. Onigiri sells for 100 yen, or USD 11,000 / fruit, while bento subjected to a starting price of 300 yen or around Rp 35,000 / package. You only need to warm up in the microwave available there and you can be satisfied with a scrumptious meal at the same time friendly on the pocket.

If you want to eat sushi, look Kaiten Sushi to taste authentic Japanese sushi. The price of a serving of sushi is only 100-300 yen. Do not forget to try the street food of Japanese, ranging from oden, tempura, okonomiyaki, karage, until takoyaki are cheap and tasty.

Japan has plenty of cafés and restaurants funny tempting to go. But if you want to save money, avoid these places because of the price can be 5-10 times greater than traditional snacks or foods in convenient stores.



5. Shopping

Cost shopping in Japan is quite expensive, especially if you want to bring a gift for friends and relatives at home. However, that does not mean you can not give them a gift, because you can buy a lot of souvenirs cute with a price of 100 yen 100 yen alone in various stores in Japan, such as Daiso, Can Do, Seria, or Silk. In addition, rather than shopping in the famous shopping malls like Isetan in Shinjuku and Matsuya Ginza, you can try shopping at suburban shopping centers such as Aeon or Ito-Yokado.

How To Open Someone Else’s Facebook Without Password

Find out security gaps Facebook is Facebook how to open others without the password, accompanied by a sharp look at the accounts that the security level is low.


Knowing Facebook security gaps are open my facebook account one way open other people’s Facebook no password at all, accompanied by sharp you look at someone’s Facebook account that the security level is low, it is not impossible you can do break-ins Facebook account without having to know much about hacking techniques.

However, we recommend that you should not try to do so because of breaking into other people’s Facebook is the action illegal, and Facebook already commemorating it. Moreover, in Indonesia there has been legislation ITE (information and electronic transactions) of Cybercrime, which in law can be used as legal protection of all internet activity, be it in the form of transactions and access all the information available on the Internet. Not only that, the legal threat over crimes committed on the Internet also exist. This is necessary so that the public can obtain legal certainty and digital signatures and other electronic evidence can be recognized as legitimate if later You come face to face in front of the law (courts).

Again discusses how to open Facebook without using someone else’s password, Facebook is social media that according to Internet security researchers, becoming the number one target for hackers. They observe the discussions in various forums the hacking underground in different parts of the world, which is an awful lot of the forum members discuss hacking techniques to compromise one’s Facebook account. SQL injection and DDOS are the most popular techniques in this forum. One of the most recent technique allows now to know the Facebook password of others is by utilizing the science of psychology. Well, the science of Psychology who abused to find and exploit a variety of information from someone by doing audio-visual approach, such as chat. By making use of psychology, not impossible any information associated with the username and password of the victim can be revealed.

The way is certain techniques that anyone can learn them quickly if adept at socializing. However, open the Facebook account of others with these techniques still require a password in order to make it possible. A phishing technique, be it in the form of email or the web also still use Facebook password stolen. A wide range of software for hacked also require information about the password used to access another person’s Facebook account.

Is there a how to open Facebook without having to use a password? the answer is “no!”. In an earlier explanation by exploiting security gaps of Facebook that is doing the reporting process account that exploited to Facebook. In fact, the process is a way of getting back at Facebook-hack, but the steps in the process of restoring a Facebook account it can also be a loophole for the hackers/crackers for breaking into someone’s Facebook account. By increasing system security settings in your Facebook account, that way it will not work at all.

The article “how to open Facebook others without Password” it’s not a Facebook account teaches how to break others, but rather to the learning materials and science so that we are more aware of and improve the security of the Facebook account. Let us appreciate and support the ACT ITE and fixed Internet are healthy and safe.

Understanding What Is a Business, Functions and Benefits of a Business Itself

IN economics, business is an activity of selling goods or services and services to consumers or to other businesses for the purpose of profit or gain.


According to the history and beginnings, business word itself comes from the word “busy” in English, that the word “busy” in the context of an individual, association or society.

Simple business sense is doing busyness or doing activities with the purpose of obtaining profit (profit).


In the world economy, the business itself has characteristics that are divided into 5 parts, are:

  1. For profit or gain
  2. Determine the appropriate price
  3. It would be possible to meet the loss
  4. Directly related to the goods, services or services that meet the needs of human nature; and
  5. Business is lembata, institution, or social and economic organization


Understanding Business Peterson & Plowman (Mr. Business)

Business is a series of activities related to the purchase or sale of goods and services conducted by repeated endlessly (a series of activities related to the sale or purchase of goods and services that are consistently repeated).

According to them, the purchase and sale of goods and services conducted only once is not an understanding of the actual business.

Business benefits

If talk about the business benefits, to be sure that the benefits are real business benefits. Moreover, there are some other things that can be incorporated into business benefits.

  • Benefit or profit
  • The chance to be the boss, either small or big businesses that are run
  • Being able to pay themselves
  • Unbound and can arrange any way you want private time

Moreover, the future could be said to be happy because of your own that govern how your life in the future. The harder, more likely to achieve prosperity.

Business Objectives

Overall, it was very much business objectives. Business establishment is not merely profit-oriented, but when viewed as a whole, the business objectives are:

  • Profit
  • Welfare owners of production factors and consumers
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • The existence of the company in the long term
  • Growth; and
  • Achievement (Prestige)

Although the goal remains leads to income, there are many other goals that can be incorporated into business objectives, which are:

  • prosperous family
  • Make ends meet
  • Want to be known or famous among businessmen
  • Being the successor to a business inherited from her family
  • Trying new things
  • Have their own business, in other words not willing to work with others; and
  • There are still many other reasons


Business functions

Speaking about his own business functions, Steinhoff is known as one of the business experts said that there are three main functions of the business, namely:

  • Looking for raw materials (acquiring raw material)
  • Convert raw materials into finished goods (manufacturing raw materials into product); and
  • Distributing goods which are already finished goods to consumers (distributing product to consumers)

Hopefully the writing of understanding what it is the business, benefits and business objectives are reviewed briefly here useful. Good luck!