Teenage Bedroom Furniture with Cozy Design

Each child must be growing up. When they are in teenage age, they will start to ask for a private bedroom which can suit their taste and favorite. Choosing the suitable teenage bedroom furniture will be easier if you can ask your children about their favorite. It will be different for the boy or the girl. A specific furniture need to be placed in the teenage bedroom. There are many interesting bedroom designs which you can use as an inspiration for your teenage children’s bedroom.

Teenage bedroom furniture

To the boys, a bedroom with simple yet cozy design will be interesting. If you have a long space for the bedroom, you can arrange the furniture in a line. This teenage bedroom furniture idea is very interesting. White cabinet will be suitable for the room. Hardwood floor makes this bedroom cooler. White wall and white ceiling are used in the room. White bed with red and blue lather is placed here. White cushion makes the bed attractive.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture

A black wall is made behind the bed. On the corner, a flat screen TV can be placed on the wall. White cabinet is located under it. White bookshelf with a black sofa is completing the corner. This tidy bedroom space is very suitable for the teenage boys. As for the girls, you can make the bedroom in more beautiful design. If your daughter likes the custom style, you can use the traditional design for her bedroom.

Hardwood floor is used in this bedroom. Blue wall is combined with white ceiling. Classic bed with white leather and blue quilt is increasing the custom look of this space. Next to the bed, there is a classic lamp. Under the white framed window. A long blue bay seats window is located. Brown cushions are placed on it. White rug is located under the bed. It is custom teenage bedroom furniture for small room which looks amazing.

Reference: http://www.seasonsofhome.com/decorating-teenage-girls-room.html

Samsung comes against Huawei with a new demand for patents


The war to be the best in the world of smartphones will not fight only in the market, but also in the courts. On this occasion, this time the odds are Samsung and Huawei, the Korean giant against the emerging of Chinese range.

Unfortunately, not is the first time that is gives a case as this: two big firms faced by patents. Apparently, this time it is Samsung who accuses Huawei, with nothing more and nothing less than 6 violations.

Second round in the legal war between Huawei and Samsung

As we read in Reuters, Samsung sued Huawei will make two weeks for breach of 6 patents, 4 months after Huawei will require equally to Samsung for copying the 4 G-related patents.

According to say, Samsung tried to resolve them things “of fashion friendly” but not has state possible. Anyway, the Korean company not would be seeking financial compensation, but an agreement in relation to these patents, according to analyst Lee Do-hoon in Reuters.

In a statement directed also to Reuters, Samsung said:

Despite our best efforts to resolve this matter of form friendly, is has had that recourse to take actions legal in defense of our property intellectual.

Whatever it is, Samsung has asked the purpose of the manufacture and sale of terminals which says that they infringe their patents: Huawei Mate 8 (a terminal in November of last year) and some of its range Huawei Honor.

In the absence of more information, just need to conclude that this seems to be an endless conflict, when they are not ones they are others, although lately the common denominator tends to be Samsung. A conflict that hopefully that does not influence in the emergence of new devices, how the next Samsung Galaxy Note7 or the rumored Huawei Matt 9.

What do you think? Who do you think you are right?

Marvel Contest of Champions – Analysis iOS / Android Heroic battles

Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

Fighting games live a truly remarkable era currently. And this fever for this classic genre has come also to mobile devices, being the title that occupies us, Marvel Contest of Champions, the most recent example of this trend.

Fighting titles are still enjoying much prominence and, in fact, in these earlier this year we will enjoy as expected as Dragon Ball Xenoverse or Mortal Combat X titles. However, it is true that Android and iOS formats tend not to accept too many entity sets belonging to this category, so it works as that offered us Kabam quickly take a remarkable role. Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play that is goes in the land of the fight one against one of way successful, since while not can (or aims to) compete against them large of the gender, it has enough virtues.

The story introduces us to two beings against which we must fight that they threaten peace both the Earth and the Marvel Universe. Such a collector is organizing a macabre “tournament” to satisfy the desire for struggle and power of Kang the Conqueror, a very powerful character who wants to face the strongest of the universe types but with use this marvel contest of champions hack tool you will be strong and can beat all your enemies easy.

As it tends to be the norm for this type of production (with exceptions such as the recent and attractive person 4 sand Ultimax) history does not have too much interest in the medium term. But even so, it is true that he bide them is that you chop us enough and we have the curiosity necessary for us to enter the Mission (the main game mode) mode and know what is what is happening in the game.

Well Known Heroes

The mechanics of the game is rather easy to explain. Along a good cluster of missions must go fighting against a large number of villains and superheroes very known of the universe Marvel. In this way in the game are left to watch and control types, such as Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, storm, Gomora and many others. In addition as we move forward and we will obtain runes and crystals, objects that we can to compile, may already not only go by gathering our own team of characters, but also go to enhancing their skills. And this light touch RPG is noticeable and adds a layer of fairly successful depth that suits to the title and its development.

Obviously all the protagonists that is quotes in the title enjoy of your own personality, appearance and, logically, movements and animations. And only that since the nature of all of them also has its importance, there are no mystical characters, other technology, etc. In short, who notes that the developers have put a special care to provide to the superheroes of the greater diversity and possible differentiating attributes.

In terms of the control system, this is very simple, and in addition, precise. If you press the left side of the screen we get our character to block attacks from adversaries, while if we performed various manoeuvres in the right part of the image (quick keystrokes, slides, etc.) we cause our fighter to run different hits. And when have to stop the meter that appears in the part inferior will be the time of trigger the corresponding and powerful Super attack, exclusive for each character.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play that delves into the terrain of struggle one against one of rightly

As you said such a system working properly and is pretty precise. But we must also state that, despite this, it lacks the depth that often bring the vast majority of games of fighting, at least the most important and acclaimed. So much so much so that, for example, there is the possibility to directly control the movement of the actors more than approach and flight movements, as well as other more advanced that we can find in any beat´em up that boasts.

Something similar happens with their options and modalities of game, since in this case instead of find us with a broad assortment of them, it true is that we are before a title rather limited. Obviously these defects impair somewhat playable this title possibilities, but it is also true that it is a free to play, they are understandable.

What is less forgiveness is the excessive monotony of missions. In this case, the developers have not been too inspired by offering sufficient variety and, therefore, lose the game interest notorious way throughout each game. And it goes without saying that this ends up damaging sensitive so fun that it brings us the game.

With regard to your invoice technical, are before a title well captured and that has been recreated with quite success. The appearance and the animations of the characters we have found remarkable, and something similar happens with the decorations. The sound does not reach the same level, but the effects are correct and melodies accompany without disturbing.

Therefore, the developers of Kabam have designed a title of fight that goes more beyond of the hook of the license Marvel to give form to a title of it enough entity. Yes, it is not the new representative of the genus and is rather short in certain areas, but it’s a stimulating game for fans of Thor, Spiderman and company.

Tips to paint the House itself according to our wishes without Plumbers

Do you feel the atmosphere of your home boring? You want to change this by changing the color of the wall paint? Do you feel a bit complicated with the painter? Do you want a little exercise and expression in full color with the house? No need to use the services of a painter, you can do it yourself for savings.

If you need to involve your family when off when you are painting the house. We wanted to share some tips and ways to paint your own home without the cobbler. Although we are a contracting company that also provide for the needs of your house paints for exterior and interior also provides painting services, is the one we will share some tips on how to paint the walls of the house.


6 How to Paint Your Own Home Without Painters

Of course we hope that these tips on how painting can help you to change the paint color of your home so that it becomes more personalized art and comfort as well as more able to bring a new atmosphere fresh.

1. Clean Walls

Make sure the surface you paint the wall will ulagn clean of dust. Clean dust and dirt on the wall area. Dirt on the walls of this very obliged eliminated. Dust, dirt and oil stains will make the final result is not smooth and evenly paint. Berishkan with water mixed with a detergent formula is soft and spongy cellulose. Rub the sponge to the walls to clean, then rinse with water to remove soap residue.

2. Protect the part Tak Ingin painted with Duct Tape

A barrier between walls and floors, the windows and the window frame normally should be covered so that is not exposed to the paint stains. Protect part of the house do not want painted with masking tape or adhesive tape when painting. Once completed, immediately unplug the tape before the paint dries so that the paint does not participate uprooted.

3. Close Cracks in Walls

Use plamir (wall putty) to close gaps or cracks in the walls, and blend until smooth using sandpaper. Apply a paint primer also, a kind of liquid that is applied before painting in order to get the end result is flat and shiny.

4. Use Small Brush on the part Narrow

Painter tool in the form of roller can not be applied in all parts of the wall, just over a large area alone. While for the most inaccessible areas such as the corner of the room, use a small brush width of two inches.

5. Use Mechanical Movement ZigZag

Tricks with flat paint is by making movements zig-zag up and down repeatedly until the walls closed flat. After 2-3 hours back with a new coat of paint to make it more seamless result. Roller can be used to flatten the surface color of the walls ..

6. Repeat Again If Need

When the painting is still less than perfect results, repeat the process again and make sure that both have worked well. When splashes of paint fell to the floor, wipe it off with a wet cloth.

The most effective method to Easily Collect Trophy COC

For those of you players master and has a level of Town Hall 6 or more absolutely is not befuddling and more about Trophy  clash of clans hack gems as could be said to be not so critical any longer, but rather unquestionably not all felt that route in light of new participants or even master however there are the individuals who require it.

Really Trophy on Clash Of Clans more tasty than the unimportant eminence different things, the article by social event the most computerized Trophy likewise skeletonize keperingkat position towards the top and unquestionably entirely pleased to have the capacity to be the best both a neighborhood and worldwide field.

clash of clans

However, surely not due to notoriety just, since gathering Trophy has its favorable circumstances and additionally to open the rewards are accessible in a few achievment and in addition diamonds for nothing or for nothing out of pocket.

Yes you can gather a ton of pearls to just gather Trophy which has been accessible in accomplishment with your Trophy adequate condition. A few cases that you can use as a source of perspective the accomplishment Sweet Victory.

Not exactly up there to gather a ton of your Trophy additionally profit by the reward measure of plunder you get, obviously, with a note on the off chance that you are the higher class then plunder that will be involved likewise to an ever increasing extent.

So entirely to rapidly gather Trophy coc?

Be that as it may, before going ahead to how simple it is unquestionably administrator here need to remind in advance so that more trophy association level is additionally higher and it would likewise be an effect to your adversary who will likewise get extreme adversaries.

Well for the individuals who can not hold up the accompanying we display how simple it is as per the ace players more experience.

The most effective method to Easily Collect Trophy COC

The initial step you ought to consider that concerning the utilization troops. The motivation to have the Trophy effectively and rapidly be well with the troops sooner in their preparation.

As a proposal it helps you utilize that consolidated with the brute bowman or flunky. Without a doubt the above strengths have a tendency to be powerless, yet came back to the first reason which gathers trophy that turned into the underlying premise of pace in assault and proceed.

Selanjut strategies both by picking the objective of assaults in a full grown, so for this situation it helps you do the objective to the Town Hall ahead of time since when the TH you crushed at any rate have increased half altogether.

The third step is by doing one effective way that Revenge against adversaries who have beforehand been in touch (assault) to your base. What’s more, bear in mind to the last minutes that by keeping on moving up to a most extreme with a specific end goal to boost and reinforce the base safeguard (barrier) you.

Obviously it can not be thought little of on the grounds that when your adversary assaults your base and it has fizzled in light of the fact that your protection so solid then the reward trophy will be yours cheat coc hack gems.

A new malware us robs them data bank and prevents that contact with the Bank


It is not strange to hear some people say that Android is only virus and malware. Nothing further from the truth. Android is a platform safe, provided you know what is is doing. That doesn’t mean that, from time to time, some developer wants to abuse us and exploit the vulnerabilities of our devices to spy on us, stealing our data people or, in the case which today affects us, our bank details.

As we read in Symantec, malware today protagonist of the article is made is called Android.Fakebank.B. The programmed objective is clear: steal data bank and, secondly, to steal the money we have saved. If you’re old school, you will remember that this malware was already among us for years, but has evolved, and returns to the fray. Although we must not lower our guard, it can reassure the fact of that single was seen in South Korea and Russia.

How does Android.Fakebank.B work?


The operation is simple. The virus infects our smartphone and access our bank details. In general, it often us small bites – 20, 10 and 5 euro – that are being made on a regular basis. He user not is da has until sees them extracts Bank, and is there when the application us gives the “grand final”.

If the infected user charges, the first thing you will do will be to call the Bank to block the account or the card. Then Android.Fakebank.B detects that we are calling a customer service number, and blocks the call, which “prevents us from” contact with the Bank. I’m sure of that you themselves have found the solution to this “problem” while it lost.

If we cannot call the Bank with our mobile infected, what can we do? In fact, calling from another phone or send an email. That way we will be able to block accounts and cards, but the virus will have more time to continue robbing us. It is best to act quickly.

From the source they give us some recommendations, such as not install applications from unknown sources, have everything updated… what we all already know. The only thing we have to do is be careful, install stuff with head and not do anything that may seem rare. In order accounts, the best antivirus is the sense common. We insist that the malware has been identified in Russia and South Korea, but you know that these things run like wildfire.

You know this malware? Have you had any experience with a virus?

Castle Clash, an entertaining and absolute strategy game that you can not miss

Castle Clash

There is no absence better than personal entertainment with a personal hobby. Specifically with the games are a fantastic method of quickly happens those long journeys to work, where with your end you agree to an extensive catalog of titles that will keep you stuck hours.

One of the best titles and most played on Android – OS is Clash of Clans, a complete set of strategy as it asks your Assembly to conquer and make grow your village. Logically in this competition, sprung so archetypal Plunder Pirates or Star Wars: Commander.

Pure strategy for your final Android

Today we add to our catalog of great strategy games a most recent title, this so called Castle Clash, which has a pool too much power of 70 million users around the world, hosted in more than 10 countries, never will be only!

Built and open path to glory in Castle Clash, a brilliant combination of fast-strategy and frenzied fighting that will require all its expertise and understanding of this to capture the victory. You fight with an army of mythical creatures, as small big success, of entirely the person’s appearance and colors.

With this, must manufacture your own fortress and defend the invasion of other players, who try to make their way in their conquest of the planet completely destroying what is through towers, soldiers and creatures to your around, what you will have to counter their attacks and invasions with entirely your potential, to thereby open step towards glory.

Castle Clash is available for Android-free appearance OS, despite the fact that it is so usual contains shopping built into the application that will help in your progress.

It is of course available in different languages, these French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and too much more to your complete choice!

No more delay, will find it for download castle clash hack tool at the link below, good luck in your conquest!

Nokia once again in the hands of Android, will be as big as in the past?


Just one month we did we echo in Andro4all of the news that Nokia could return to the Android scene very early and just a few days ago, already knew some specifications of the terminals that would be submitted: 820 Snapdragon, 2 k, 7.0 Android screens, etc. A priori sounds very well, but us arises a doubt: would be enough with that? Nokia will revert to reign in the world of mobile telephony as once did it?

Nokia is a brand with a wide path that we all know, but the market has changed and it is completely different to as it was under the mandate of the Finnish company. Brands such as Samsung and Huawei seem fully seated and Xiaomi, Oppo and live are going very strong. In fact, some of these are the companies with the largest number of sales.

Nokia will return to big

To day of today, the world of the telephony mobile is seems much to the of the smartwatches. All are almost equal in terms of hardware and are minor differences physical or design which can decant the purchase. If Nokia does a good job and innovates a little, obviously, you can be at the level of the competition, but could go one step further away if they take advantage of the sentimental component. He want to remember our first phone and see how has changed all can have enough pull.

One of the characteristic features of the old Nokia is the resistance of the devices. I am sure all of you noticed some “meme” about how tough that was. It is true that in these vignettes is it exaggerated and that today the screens are big and delicate, but if they manage to maintain a durable and rigid bodies can be a differential element, more taking into account that phones like the S7 Active Galaxy are sold as resistant to everything and give many problems. Perhaps Nokia could exploit that niche market.

Second parts were never good

It looks complicated thinking that he can unseat brands such as Samsung or Apple, as well as Asian brands already commented. The competition is very tight and prices are becoming tighter. Day after day we see terminals with an amazing value for money, with warranty and in physical stores, so that Nokia should tighten its belt very well or do something extremely good from the beginning.

We have said before that a traditional brand facilitates the acceptance of consumers, but that doesn’t guarantee you success. Companies like HTC, Sony and LG are not going through good times at the level of sales or revenue, despite being the biggest in recent years. Everything has a purpose, everything is finished, and perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the traditional brands. Perhaps is too late for Nokia back to the market. Only time will give us the answer.


To know what will happen with the Finnish label we will have to wait at least one couple of years, but it is interesting to analyze the scene and the situation to which will soon face. Honestly, I think that Nokia still has muscle and name to try to make a gap in the market, even though it is highly unlikely to reach dimensions in their day.

Do you think that it can offer us Nokia? Are voices of which has no hollow or that on the contrary you can return to being one of the leaders of the sector? We want to know your opinion.

Advanced Door Kickers games tips


Makes some days you brought them best strategies to finish with all them terrorist and crook in Door Kickers, but for levels advanced, and operations more complex, unfortunately, those tips are are short. That is why, now, we bring you a handful of tips apply to most situations, which will help you pass more difficult play areas, including the levels created by players on PC (what a bad milk have).

The title controls, are simple but powerful, and, from a couple of clicks, allow us to create very complex plans. With this, we want to remark, that, there is only one way to overcome the problems of the game, and you don’t have to follow a strictly the advice that we give you below. Do not hesitate to apply them and mix them with your style, but remember that it is not the only way to play.

We leave them to the following list:

  • Beware of the funnel of death: the funnel of death is the name that special operations teams used to denote the space of input to a room with a door. It is a small space, and, if we do not act well we can lose the entire team at a time. Used blinding or contradictions whenever you can, but always, it comes from the sides with several men facing the opposite side to which you have entered to cover the entire stay.
  • Keep under surveillance the rearguard: on larger maps and missions with many enemies, try to always carry a man covering the back of the group. In the levels more advanced, the tangos is move more and us can surprise with ease.
  • Keep clear throw line: our units will never trigger if there is a friend in the shooting line, so at the time of planning, please note this, and avoids putting soldiers behind each other, this way you cover more ground and overboard before with enemies.
  • Takes care of your team: in the mode campaign, if killed or hurt to a man of our unit, is will be so if not restart. Many times you complete a mission, but you’ve lost several members of your team, think twice before continuing, it is best to plan again and get a perfect operation.

Hope that this guide I have been of help. However, if you want to learn more tips about this game you can visit http://www.divitapp.com. Remember that you can share your tricks with us via comments.

So, Daydream, the virtual reality of Google


Just a few months ago, more specifically in February, Google showed us in I/O 2016, a new platform for virtual reality, aimed at devices with the Green robot operating system, whose name would be a Daydream, and promised to be a step forward in this increasingly present in our technology every day.

Until now, the truth is that not we had enjoyed some close to this new platform experience, moreover, taking into account the high requirements which need to be able to be used. Why Google wanted to show us in today, a video in which we can observe in detail the benefits of Daydream.

In this video, we can see some of the functions to which is could take advantage of the full potential of Daydream, games and animations, and the truth is that, initially, operation appears to be fluid and intuitive, as well as simple, as a command is used to use it as we have seen in other style platforms as sunglasses HTC lives.

On the other hand, and even taking into account that Daydream is still in testing phase – in fact this video is nothing more than a mere experiment- and therefore, we do not find even their true potential, we see that the performance is really good, as well as the physical bodies and the management capacity of the different options that appear on the screen.

In addition, this video, Google wanted to show us another in which we can see how it handles a puppet, where you can see even better how having Daydream work with objects that need multiple points of support, as well as the movement of several different objects around the screen of the device.

Without a doubt, we are sure that this platform will greatly improve with the passage of time, especially taking into account that it is Google who is behind the development, although that Yes, even touches us wait long enough until we can enjoy Daydream in our devices.

What do you think about Daydream?, do you think you have a future?